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Ava Art Guild Announces Spring Art Show Winners

Boyink / Herald Photo Donna Howard’s Still Life in White, an advanced pastel, was selected as the Best of Show.

The Ava Art Guild is hosting their annual Spring Art Show this week, and the public is invited to view the exhibits until June 6.  

This year, there are approximately 75 entries for the show, which is a little lower in numbers, but due to this strange time in our country, the Guild was happy not only with the number of entries, but with the quality of entries submitted.   

Donna Howard’s Still Life in White, an advanced pastel, was selected as the Best of Show.  

A People’s Choice award, which receives a cash prize, will be determined at the end of the show.  

Results of the judge’s decisions follow below.  The under age 18 category is judged by their own merit as each entry is given a ribbon.  

Spring Art Show 2020 

Entries and Awards

Intermediate Acrylic: Untitled,  Dianne Richardson, 2nd; A Girl and Her Horse, Dianne Richardson;      Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner,   Erin Ellis; Lucy, Erin Ellis, Honorable Mention; Cozy Cat,         Erin Ellis, 1st; Spring Mandala,        Erin Ellis, 4th; Tribute to the Beatles,  Erin Ellis,  3rd.

Advanced Oil: Mountain Town, Jane Osborn, 3rd; Teller of Legends,       Debbie Twa, 1st; Ozark Sunday Drive, Jane Osborn, Honorable Mention; Wild Roses, Jane Osborn;  Jackson, Jimmie Marler, 2nd; Daffodil, Jane Osborn, 4th.

Advanced Pastel: Still Life in White, Donna Howard, 1st, Judge’s Choice;  Winter Storm, Donna Howard, 4th; Beside Still Waters,  Donna Howard, 3rd; Lion King, Jimmie Marler, 2nd; Cub, Jimmie Marler; Sunlight & Shadows, Donna Howard, Honorable Mention.

Advanced Pen and Ink: Sleeping Dog, Donna Howard, 1st.

Advanced Scratch Art: Lady with Basket, Jimmie Marler, 1st.

Advanced Pencil:  Gunsmoke, Jimmie Marler, 1st; Ozzie, Jimmie Marler, 2nd.

Intermediate Pencil: Jaux, Erin Ellis, 1st.

Advanced Photography: Piolet at Creek, Jimmie Marler, 2nd; Old Glory, Jane Osborn; Soldier Praying, Jimmie Marler, Honorable Mention; Missouri Mules, Jane Osborn, 1st; Opal The Horse, Jane Osborn, 2nd.

Under 18: Tiger Lily, Piolet Marler, 1st; Burst of Lilies, Piolet Marler, 1st; Garden Scene, Walker Williams, 2nd; Water Fall, Jackson Marler, 1st; White Flowers, Walker Williams, 2nd; Bunny, Jackson Marler, 3rd; Little Bear Cub, Ester Jones, 1st; Rainbow Tree, Elena Howard, 2nd; Pink Lady, Elena Howard, 3rd; Light of the Moon, Elena Howard, 2nd; Hedgehog Among the Flowers, Elena Howard, 2nd; Leaves of Green, Elena Howard, 3rd; Magic Raindrops, Ella Bingham, 3rd; Moonlight Senota, Elena Howard, 1st.

Beginning Pencil: At The Alter, Tim Reiners, 4th; Imagine, Tim Reiners, 2nd; Pair, Tim Reiners, Honorable Mention; Cup of Coffee, Tim Reiners, 1st; House and Barn, Tim Reiners, 3rd.

Intermediate Mixed Media: Bag, Sandy Barton; Morning Sunrise, Regina Robertson, 4th; Lion on Feather, Candi Butler, 3rd; Cowgirl on Lockdown, Jane Osborn, 1st; Warrior, Regina Robertson, 2nd; He Lets Me Hold The Pencil, Jimmie Marler, Honorable Mention.

Colored Pencil: Yellow House, Donna Howard, 2nd; Peaceful Meadow, Donna Howard, 1st; Indian Maiden, Jimmie Marler, 3rd; Indian Child, Jimmie Marler; Trump, Jimmie Marler, 4th; Eagle, Jimmie Marler, Honorable Mention.

Advanced Watercolor: Looking Toward Glory, Jimmie Marler, 2nd; Come Unto Me, Jimmie Marler, 1st; He Has Risen, Jimmie Marler, Honorable Mention; Mahomes, Jimmie Marler; Yucca, Donna Howard, 4th; Cottage, Jimmie Marler, 2nd; Matt Carpenter, Jimmie Marler, 3rd; Red Barn, Donna Howard, 1st. 

Advanced 3-D Metal: Care to Dance, Jim Davis, 1st.

Advanced 3-D: Old West Town, Candi Butler, 1st; Horse in Stable Gourd, Candi Butler, 3rd; Wolf Gourd, Candi Butler, 2nd.

Intermediate 3-D Wood: Owl,  Linda Peacy, 1st.

Advanced 3-D: Cave, Ray Peacy, 3rd; Baby Rattle, Ray Peacy, 1st; Box, Ray Peacy, 2nd.

The Guild holds two shows each year, one in the spring and fall.  The Guild will host the next show in October.  The group also holds ten workshops each year, on the second Saturday of the month, sessions start at 2 p.m. with each session led  by a different artist, and different type of art.  The workshops run March through December. 

The show is open to the public Wednesday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m..  The gallery is located at 303 E. Washington Ave. (across from the Douglas County Herald).  People are encouraged to browse and vote for their favorites.  

For more info,, or call Caryl Stillings 417-893-9638.