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Letter to the Editor

To the people of Douglas County: 

When I moved to Douglas County in 1989 I felt like this was an area where people cared about each other and would bend over backwards to help each other out if problems arose. I have seen that happen many times, and am proud of all the locals who step up to the plate in time of need. 

There are two things which bother me. I hope and pray that the public will go out and vote on June 2nd for their political preferences, because it does make a big difference who is in control 

The school board positions make me wonder if it is for grandiose glory to be put on a pedestal, or is it a Godly duty to be humbly fulfilled? 

Read The Snoop in last weeks paper and it will open your eyes.  Mr. Boyink did his research and thoroughly spelled it out as to how the school board has changed and not in our children’s interest or in our interest.  

The second point I want to stress is: Who are you voting as County Commissioner on August 4, 2020?  Are they taking good care of the county roads or are the school buses driving on creek bottom like roads?  Every time it rains, they seem to get worse.  

God knows what He is doing. Are we listening?  The coronavirus has slowed us down and we are realizing who our family and friends are. 

I pray you put God first in your voting and in everything you do.  Put family next, jobs next, and then all the clubs and activities that you want to do. 

Thank you for letting me voice my opinion. 


Evelyn Harper, Ava, Mo.