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PSC Considering Recovery of Past-Due Customers after COVID-19 Emergency

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – The Missouri Public Service Commission has opened a working case to consider best practices for recovery of past-due customer payments after the COVID-19 pandemic emergency.

“As part of their response to the COVID-19 pandemic emergency and attendant economic disruptions, most Missouri utilities have taken steps to suspend customer disconnection efforts for non-payment of utility bills,” said the Commission. “As a result of those economic disruptions and continued provision of utility service to customers who are unable to pay for those services, the utilities will likely experience a sharp rise in the level of past-due customer-payment accounts- receivable. Once the emergency has passed, the utilities will be faced with the question of how to collect those past-due accounts-receivable without unduly burdening their vulnerable customers.”

The Commission has directed the Public Service Commission Staff to investigate this question and any other relevant concerns arising from the COVID-19 pandemic emergency and file a report with the Commission no later than August 3, 2020.

This file (AW-2020-0356) will serve as a repository for documents and comments. Using this file, anyone with an interest in this matter may view documents and may submit any pertinent responsive comments or documents. This is not a contested case so anyone may file a comment without legal counsel. Intervention requests are not necessary to submit comments or view documents.

The public is welcome to submit comments by forwarding electronic communications through the Commission’s electronic filing and information system (EFIS) at the Commission’s website ( Once at the website, click on the Access EFIS link on the right side of the page. Scroll down and click on the public comment link. Please refer to File No. AW- 2020-0356.

Written comments in hard copy should be sent to the Public Service Commission, P.O. Box 360, Jefferson City, Missouri 65102. Please refer to File No. AW-2020-0356. The public can view the contents of the file by following the same link at