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A Tribute to Mother – By Barbara Sisney Daniel

May 3 – The face of our mother is the first image we see when our eyes can focus. Our life is dependent on her for love and nourishment. The gift of her love is never-ending. To our mother we owe a tribute of love and respect. From her we develop a conscience. 

My mother was a farm-wife during the Depression of the 30’s. We lived most of her younger years in Douglas County, MO. Her day were full, caring for three children and working on the farm before modern technology. 

From my memory I can see her at the treadle serving machine with her feet paddling as fast as the treadle could keep the needle running through the material as she sewed us new dresses or mended for us. 

Mother was very energetic. She could accomplish in a day more than most and loved her accomplishment. She was creative and this was an art in her quilting skill. 

She would laugh at our childish pranks and dance around to make us laugh.

Our mother was strong and would hit  life head on when times were hard for us. Cancer took our beautiful mother’s life. It was a sad time. We were thankful she had lived to see us grow up and to see her grandchildren. 

I prayed for a miracle. She comforted me instead. She told me, “Whichever way God chose for her to go, she was a winner.”

God gave mother the grace to see the gates of heaven swing open wide for her and her spirit took over and filled heaven to spill onto our lives for us to carry on.