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Letter to the Editor

Frankly, I was appalled by the letters written by Kimberly Brady M.D. and her husband Bob Urban concerning Corona Virus in the two most recent issues of the Douglas County Herald. 

Dr. Brady went on and on about “What If?” I, for one, want facts not hypotheticals especially from a doctor. 

Facts as of 04/25/2020

(1) The US has reported 52415 Deaths from Covid-19

(2) 927000 confirmed cases

(3) The virus can be asymptomatic in people. 

Dr. Brady implies with her “what ifs” that those numbers are exaggerated. However, facts say that if anything those numbers are lower not higher than the actual number of cases reported. It is very hard to get tested in our country due to the shortage of test kits and supplies. Those who are tested are often so ill that they are taken to the emergency room or whose doctor has referred them to one of the drive up test sites because they are displaying multiple symptoms. Everyone else is just sent home to quarantine for two weeks. The fact is no one knows how many people can have it and spread it before they know they are ill or  may never get sick themselves. 

Mr. Urban says that his freedoms are being impinged upon being asked to shelter in place. I suspect he is further irritated by the Governor’s daily list showing Douglas County with zero cases or a hundred cases. 

I don’t see any sign from Mr. Urban’s letter how he feels about other people’s freedoms, including their freedom to not become exposed to the Corona Virus by other people’s self-centered actions. Covid-19 has shown itself to be particularly dangerous to people with a weakened immune system or preexisting conditions. 

We should all follow the CDC Guidelines and the pleas from the doctors and nurses who are on the front lines treating the patients with this deadly virus and STAY HOME to protect others as well as ourselves. 

Jeanne Scrivner

Douglas County.