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Activity Report From The Ava Police Dept.

Calls By Type

4/12/20 – 4/18/20

Abandoned Vehicle – 2

Animal Call – 3

Assault, Domestic – 1

Assist Agency – 2

Check Person – 2

Check Vehicle – 2

Check Well-Being – 3

Disturbance, Noise – 3

Identity Theft – 1

Miscellaneous – 8

Shots Heard – 1

Stealing – 1

Traffic Stop – 6

Trespassing – 2

Cemetery Gates – 3

Total – 40

On 4/14,  Ava Police made a traffic stop at Jefferson/Ava. Deputies issued a warning for failure to stop at a stop sign. They contacted the county regarding a warrant. Due to Covid-19, the county does not want him arrested at this time.

On 4/16, Ava Police responded to E. Benton Ave. A caller stated she heard what sounded like three gunshots. After speaking to the caller and the neighbor, Deputies found that a teen had a verbal argument and punched his truck three times due to the drama. 

On 4/16, a man reported that a raccoon was damaging his house by ripping boards off. The man was told to call the conservation department. The man called back, wanting an officer to shoot the raccoon because it was trying to tear into his house. When deputies arrived, the raccoon was gone. An officer set up his personal live trap in case it returned. When the trap was checked later, the caught raccoon was taken to a release location.