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The Snoop

As the coronavirus threatens Americans, daily news reports continue to reference the pandemic as an invisible, dark shadow casting a net across the US.  And many of the news reports refer to the World Health Organization (WHO).  

WHO lends a helping hand to countries all over the world.   The organization strives to educate and teach sustainable health habits, with a goal to fight disease and hunger.  

But every time I hear the WHO acronym, my thoughts drift to the 60s, because the Who I remember is a rock band, not a philanthropic organization. 

Like today, the 60s were filled with uncertainty.  And, as a band, the Who first began on the path to fame in 1964, in London, England.  

The band was comprised of musical talents still recognized today as trailblazers in the entertainment industry –– Roger Daltry, Pete Townshend, John Entwistle and Keith Moon.  Some consider the Who one of the most influential rock bands of the 20th century, with one song in particular, “Pinball Wizard” from the rock opera Tommy, touted as one of their most recognized melodies.   

Much like current times, the 60s were challenging.  They were also filled with turmoil and revolt. 

Daily newscasts were inundated with videos of the Vietnam War, and reports of American casualties.  War protests were commonplace.  Public unrest abounded as communities disagreed over Civil Rights issues and inequality.   The Cold War was escalating and the Cuban Missile Crisis was a pending threat.  The 60s was also dubbed the age of assassinations.

But the 60s was also filled with pleasant memories and moments to share.

Many readers will remember drinking Tang, the orange juice for astronauts.   And with awe, we later watched a brave Neil Armstrong walk on the moon.  

The 60s brought us banana bikes- those were definitely unique.  And Etch-A-Sketch, a magnetic contraption that kept kids busy for hours.  Remember American Bandstand introducing a new dance, the twist.  It was the age of Barbie dolls, and Trolls.  Bell bottom pants.  Bouffant hairstyles for women were all the rage, a style attributed to First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.  Afro hairstyles were in vogue, the bigger the better.  Fallout shelters were deemed a necessity.   Granny glasses were the in-thing, as was long straight hair on both guys and gals.

Good times and fond memories. 

And 2020 will be no different.  

As we continue to respect the stay-at-home order –– for some, the task is proving to be a challenge as there are many unknowns and uncertainties.   A season to endure. 

But some day when we look back on these days, we’ll all have special remembrances, just like the 60s.   There will be memories of special conversations or board game competitions. Perhaps, nature walks with loved ones, creative outdoor adventures with kids, or simply devoting time to read the books that have been on the ‘must do’ list for quite some time.

Along with the difficulties our country is facing, memorable times will take center stage at some point.  There will be memories of joy, laughter, and living life to the fullest in spite of the difficulties.  And yes, memories of a grumpy moment now and then.   

Some day we will look back to find each special moment still there, just like those we experienced in the 60s.  These moments will be waiting to attest to the fact we made it through the challenge.  Indeed, another accomplishment.   

And, as we sometimes do when looking back on past experiences in life……our reactions will likely be the same, evoking an “I can’t believe we did that!” or “What an experience!”  

Just like the 60s, this is history in the making.