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Hunker Down – Barbara Daniel

Sometimes it is a release to our pent-up emotions to listen to the wisdom of a child. 

Kaden Jackson is the grandson of Doris and Eugene Everson, my neighbors. They told me this child is so full of life and enjoys life. They were all going to the park for an outing. Kaden heard the family talking about the rest rooms being closed. Kaden ran back into the house and came back with his potty chair and yelled, “I’ve got to take this with me.”

As we see the groceries flying off the store shelves and paper goods disappear, and people hoarding with little concern from the needs of others, it boggles the mind. Yet I have also seen the true concern and helpfulness for others. It is a beautiful example of character. 

One product being hoarded is toilet paper. I’ve been asking, what is this concern about toilet paper? There seems to be a compulsion to empty the store shelves. Someone asked me if I had enough tissue on my shelf. My reply was, if I run out of toilet tissue, I have an old Sears catalog handy. 

This terrible epidemic will pass and people will continue with their lives. We will keep living and staying sensitive to the needs of others and pray. 

2 Chronicles 7:14