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DCVMA Making Wellness Calls

Representatives from the Douglas County Veterans Memorial Association (DCVMA). have been making weekly phone calls to local veterans and senior citizens, ensuring they are doing OK while complying with the “Shelter at Home” order put into place recently by Missouri Governor Mike Parson.

“Just because we are honoring the quarantine doesn’t mean we can’t check on folks and make sure they are doing OK.” said Irv Reynolds DCVMA President.

“Most people are doing well and have food stored,” said Nancy Crain, DCMVA Sr. Vice President. “But they were relieved that someone cared enough to call.”

The group said they found some call recipients lonely, or in need of food or medicine deliveries.

“We have to comply with the quarantine guidelines and social distancing,” said Reynolds, “but we can still serve the community and that’s the reason for our wellness calls. If you have a friend, neighbor or family member please be sure and check on them daily. We are all in this together.”

The DCMVA can be found contacted by telephone at (417) 683-6741.