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132 Years of the Douglas County Herald Now Online

by Michael Boyink /

Within the walls here at Herald offices is one of the most valuable assets in the county.

The archive room.

Large books, each binding together a publication year, fill the shelves.

The dates on those books go back to the late 1800’s.

Sitting in the archive room often feels like sitting in the captains chair of H.G. Well’s time machine.

Entire lives flash across the Herald’s pages. Births, school careers, marriages, anniversaries, reunions, and obituaries.

Retail businesses come and go. Local industries rise and fall. School board members appear and disappear.

All documented in weekly issues of the Herald.

There is nothing quite like looking at an actual printed copy of the Herald from 1938, 1946, or 1977.

But there’s a problem.

It’s all organized by date. If you know the approximate year and month of news item you are after, finding it in the archives is easy.

But if you don’t know the date?

It’s a lot of page-turning. And time passes at double-speed in the archive room. You don’t always come out successful.

That’s all changed.

Because now you can search it digitally.


From anything with an internet connection.

Thanks to a new Archive feature on our website you can access and search the Douglas County Herald from 1887 to 2019.

That’s nearly 100,000 pages of news we’ve published over 132 years.

See a 1998 photo of Joe Corum kissing a pig on the square.

Read the 1944 promotional poster for Aunt Jemima serving up free hotcakes at the Clover Farm Store.

Read about the 1920 theft of a distillery worm from the Ava depot (revenue officers were evidently quite interested).

Using Archive section, you can search by date or keyword or phrase.

You can browse one issue from two years ago or 50.

New issues are added 90 days after the publish date.

Subscription options start at $4.95 per month or $19.95 for 6 months.

Support local business, local news, and local history.

All at the click of a mouse.

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