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Mayor and Presiding Commissioner Commend Community Response

Mayor Burrely Loftin and Presiding Commissioner Lance Stillings announced this week that they were pleased on how City and County officials are attempting to communicate during this COVID-19 crisis.  The Douglas County Health Department has done an awesome job of keeping City and County officials updated on the crisis and communicating recommendations from the CDC and the Governor’s office. 

Although Mayor Loftin considers each and every business here in Ava essential, he is especially proud of how the businesses considered “nonessential” by the CDC have either closed temporarily or have limited their operations to accommodate these recommendations.  It is through these efforts of our business owners and residents that are practicing social distancing that the COVID-19 risk to our community has been minimized. 

The Douglas County Health Department has announced that currently Douglas County has zero COVID-19 cases, but Mayor Loftin knows that the risk is not over yet.  He still recommends that people continue to practice social distancing until April 30th as recommended by President Trump earlier this week. 

Mayor Loftin and the Board of Aldermen along with Presiding Commissioner Lance Stillings and the East and West Ward commissioners thank you for your continued efforts during this crisis.  Please feel free to contact City Hall, 683-5516, or the Courthouse, 683-6080, if you have any questions or concerns.