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Looking Backward

25 Years Ago


Ava Mayor James “Bud” Norman secured a sound 72% of the votes in the Ava municipal election here to continue for a sixth consecutive term.

Amanda Baird is proud to announce the birth of her baby sister, Dalayna Arleen. The proud parents are Lewis M. and Loretta S. Baird.

Matt Anderson, a freshman at SMSU in Springfield, was inducted into the Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society. Matt is the son of Steve and Sandy Anderson.

Jay C. and Maxine Williams, Rogersville, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a reception at the Rogersville Senior Center.

Leon Potter was a breakfast guest of the Lonnie Moores. He spent the day building fences for them.

Notice: No trespassing on Rafael Padilla properties.

Ava’s 8th grade girls placed first and the 7th grade girls placed third in the first meet of the season here.

Ava Kiwanis Club and McDonald’s of Ava announce Terrific Kids for the month of March at Plainview School. The Terrific Kids are Diana Watson, Ciara Hutchison, Michael Petro, Joe Dye, Gavin Hutchison and Cindy Wilson.

The 1995 May Singing Convention will be held Sunday. The May Singing has been held annually for over 80 years, and holds the distinction of being the longest-running community event to be held in this area.

The Top of the Ozarks Kennel Club held its monthly meeting at Lynch’s Restaurant in Seymour.

Miranda K. Allen, daughter of Mark and Delene Allen, celebrated her fourth birthday at Pizza Hut. The theme was Power Rangers. Donald Jones made a special appearance dressed as a clown.

Deanna Blackerby and B.J. Sterling hosted a baby shower for Sherry Allen.

Earnest and Judy Murray celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. The couple live in Ava and Earnest taught in the Monett School District for 34 years. They have two sons, Lee, 16, and Charles, 13.

Pauline Richards stopped by Helen Dobbin’s home for a visit and to see her new living room furniture.

Phyllis and Billy Joe Adams and Dustin Swearengin went to Springfield to get tickets for a concert.

Jack Floyd and Wanda (Hunt) Bautts gave the premier performance at Ava Live Theatre . Both Bautts and Floyd are natives of the Ava area.

50 Years Ago

The Ava Fortnightly Club met in the home of Mrs. William Malloy. Mrs. Gladys Steward conducted the program. She talked about a play she had seen, “1776.”

Ralph Collins, who bought the Erinon Collins place, has returned to Las Vegas, Nevada to bring their furniture back here.

Mr. and Mrs. Hicks of Mtn. Grove spent the Easter weekend camping out at the Tom Hicks place on Brushcreek.

M.A. Phillips of Sallee Motor Company, Inc., Ava, will be honored for outstanding sales performance during 1969 at a Ford 300-500 Club banquet. 

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Keeton entertained with an Easter dinner in honor of Rev. and Mrs. Lowell McCullough who will be leaving soon. Rev. McCullough will begin his assignment with the U.S. Army.

Mitchell Peebles, who is majoring in biology at Mid-America Nazarene College at Olathe, KS, was one of 11 men students to take a ten day biology field trip to the Gulf of Mexico during the college’s spring break. The group collected specimens and viewed marine life in its natural habitat.

Mr. and Mrs. Don Wallace have gone to Kansas City. Don was called back to his job.

Mrs. Harold Armstrong and daughter Virginia, spent Tuesday at Rockbridge fishing with a groups from the nursing home of Ava.

Jonathan Lehmann, son of Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Lehmann, of Zions Order, Inc., Mansfield, returned home from Germany where he spent the last 18 months serving with the U.S. Army. Lehmann received his discharge prior to returning home.

It’s laudable to bury the hatchet, but most of us make maps of its location for future use.

Sunday School perfect attendance pins were given to Clyde Lirley, 3rd year; Timmy and Howard Adams, 5th year; James Lirley, 6th year; Irene Adams, 6th year; and Charley Adams, 11th year.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Armstrong and Virginia, Mrs. Agnes Lakey and Karen were in Seymour and attended the wedding of Janelle Gasaway and John Osgood.

Seventh and eighth grade students of the Plainview R-8 School will present an entertainment program. Entertainment will include a comedy play, a humorous monologue, and singing.

Members of the Ava High School FFA will sponsor a donkey basketball game to be held in the Ava High School gym. In addition to the ball game, a special act will be presented by a trick mule.

The Ava High School track team picked up four medals at the state indoor track meet, placing fifth in the mile relay.

First place winners in the elementary division of the talent show held at the Ava High School gym was an instrumental ensemble. Members of the group are Kathy Smith, Becky Lou Monger, Becky Case, Jim Satterfield, Randy Fish, Kent Johnson, Pam Roberts and Toni Clinkingbeard.

75 Years Ago

 The Ava High School band received the highest rating to be given at the Altitude league Music Festival.

Roads and highways in general and county roads in particular will be the main topic for discussion at the regular monthly meeting of the Douglas County Chamber of Commerce.

Little interest was shown in school and city elections. Eighty-four votes were cast in the school election with forty-eight persons casting their ballot at the city polls.

A Chevrolet sedan was taken from the garage at the home of Mrs. Paul Murray on Benton Avenue and abandoned in a ditch just a few yards from her driveway.

Wave Petty Officer First Class Sybil Lethco, daughter of Mrs. Mattie Lethco of Merritt, and a sister of Fred Lethco of Ava, was married at San Diego, California, to Petty Officer First Class Lloyd Carmichael of Bloomfield, Indiana.

The junior class basketball team won the high school interclass tournament by beating the seniors in the finals.

Mrs. John Whilhite entertained the members of the Home Makers Club in her home. 

Rev. and Mrs. Floyd Mears recently received notice that their son, Ralph E. Mears, had been promoted from staff sergeant to second lieutenant. He received his commission on the battlefield.

The Women’s Society of Christian Service met in the home of Mrs. H. L. Harley. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Privett received word from their son, Marine Corporal Henerson Privett, that he had gotten safely through the invasion of Iwo Jima and was now stationed on the island.

Mrs. E. R. Norman was hostess to the members of the Fortnightly club when they met in her home on Maple Street.

Dale Rowe, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elzie Rowe, left Ava for Great Lakes, IL, where he was to go for duty with the U.S. Navy.

Mrs. Kenneth Ewing entertained the members of the Pinochle Club and a few guests in her home on Marvin Street.

Seaman Second Class Billy Dean Richards, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Richards of Rome and a brother of Mrs. Pauline Jenkins of Ava, is aboard an unnamed warship in the Pacific that participated in the first offensive of the Navy at Marshall Islands.

Mrs. Glenn Story entertained the members of the Le Bon Vivan club in her home on Gordon Street.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kellogg entertained with a family birthday dinner in their home on Bunch Avenue in compliment to their son, Tommy, who was celebrating his ninth anniversary.

Playing at the Avalon Theatre this weekend: “Moonlight and Cactus,” Vigilantes Ride,” and “Dragon Seed” starring Katharine Hepburn.

100 Years Ago

T.E. Surguine, prosperous farmer and stock dealer in Smallett, returned from Aurora, Mo., where he purchased nine head of registered Aberdeen-Angus cows and heifers for his farm.

Mrs. Jno. Bragg and Miss Dessie Hall of Arno were on the way to Ava when the horse driven by Mrs. Bragg became frightened at some men working on a telephone line. Both were thrown from the buggy  and were picked up shortly afterward in a semi-conscious state.

Last week Howard Hitchcock & Sons  shipped a 600-case car load of tomatoes to Joplin. 

Marriage Licenses were given to Charles B Fox and Esther Burleson, of Cedar Gap, and Noah Hylton and Delpha Lewis, of Olathe. 

A.J. Haynes who recently had a sale and left to look for a location is back, and has bought his old home place at Larissa. The Ozarks look best he says.

The Ava High School athletic association has purchased a new discus and several pairs of running shoes for use on the track.

Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Swegart left here for Colorado last week in hopes of benefiting Mrs. Swegart’s health.

J.O. Cates and the Pearson boys were working on the telephone line, and got it up in good shape once more.

Miss Blanche McMurtrey spent last week in West Plains having some dental work done.

The power plant at Lake Crystal suffered damages to the extent of about $150 from the high waters of Hunter Creek.

Mrs. Lizzie Deweese of Arno has bought the J.E. Curry residence property on Ozark Street and is moving there this week.

Will C. Lohmeyer, deputy game and fish warden of Springfield, was here on a tour of this section of the Ozarks. Mr. Lohmeyer is calling attention to a new law prohibiting the use of artificial bait in fishing during the months of April and May.

Twenty families wanted at once for light factory work. Boys 16 years old, $2.00 per day, girls 16 years old $2.00 per day. Transportation paid to the factory – L.L. Bunyard 

At a hog sale at West Plains the J.T. Hog ranch sold 48 bred gilts before an audience of 600 lovers of the Red  for the neat sum of $10,225, or an average of $213 per head. 

Ed Smith, a farmer residing near Hilo, was fatally injured when his house was swept away by the wind-storm which swept through that section. He died shortly afterward. Mrs. Smith and two of their sons are thought to be fatally injured, and their five other children suffered from serious bruises.

World-wide woman suffrage is now the goal of the American women who have led the fight for votes-for-women in this country.

The characters for the school play have been selected.

The docket cases of the circuit court include: State vs. John Thornton, selling intoxicating liquors; R.W. Reddick vs. Mary E. Reddick, divorce; and State vs. Ollie and Barley Briscoe, grand larceny.

M.L. Andrews of Bryant has sold his 191 acre farm to Sid McCrite. Mr. Andrews will have a public sale and then go to Florida where he expects to purchase a small farm for  raising poultry, in which line he has made a marked success.


125 Years Ago

It is expected Holland will follow Belgium’s example and remove the embargo on American meat.

Dr. W. A. Hemphill at St. Louis has decided to start a sanitarium at Monroe City.

Springfield saloonkeepers have been notified that they must close their places on Sunday.

Dr. Frank Thilly and Miss Jessie Mathews were married at the bride’s home in Columbia.

Dr. H.A. Thompkiins, 92, a prominent Mason, and one of the oldest in the State, died at Boonville.

George Johnson was encamped near St. Joseph with his wife. When he awoke the wife had disappeared. He believes she was abducted.

Cases disposed of at the District Court: State vs. Joseph Fettrell, selling liquor without license, case dismissed; State. vs. Myers Marler, keeping a gambling house, fined $25 and ten days work on roads; and State vs. Wm. Robins, carrying concealed weapons, sentenced to 5 days in jail.

An 8 year old boy of Annias Harris, of Ava, while riding around the yard on a horse, fell off and broke his right arm just above the wrist. Dr. M.H. Osborn, of Ava, was called in and set the fractured bone.

The Bible has been printed in 210 languages. 

The Main House has passed a resolution, introduced by Hannibal Hamlin, making Abraham Lincoln’s birthday a legal holiday.

Mrs. Sallie Valentine fatally shot herself in an attempt to take her life near New Douglas, IL.

John Barr, an Alabama merchant, and wife, were beaten and nearly killed by highwaymen.

The Speaker of the Nebraska House ordered a female lobbyist removed from the floor.

William P. and George E. Taylor are to be tried at Corroliton, Mo., for the murder of the Meeks family.

M.H. Osborne, MD, Physician & Surgeon will attend promptly all calls for medical services.

William Weber, proprietor of the leading hotel in Stewartville, committed suicide by placing his head on the track in front of a train. Financial troubles.

Thomas Montow, an insane man living near Paris, was captured after a desperate fight with the Sheriff and his posse and lodged in jail.

The highest salaried employee in the United States is supposed to be the president of the Equitable Life Insurance Society, Henry B. Hyde. He receives annually $100,000/ John A. McCall gets $75,000 as president of the New York Life.

Headache is the direct result of indigestion and stomach disorders. Remedy these by using Dr. Witt’s Little Early Risers, and your headache disappears. The favorite little pills everywhere.

At the Normal school, a class in geology was organized.

McElree’s Wine of Cardul and Thedford’s Black-Draught are for sale by the following merchants in Douglas County: H.M. Miller, Ava; Osborn Bros., Ava; H.H. Bain, Bryant; J.E. Smith, Roy; and J.F. Patterson, Silverton.