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What About This?

By Wayne William Cipriano

by Wayne Cipriano

We got some very bad health news concerning a fellow who has been very important to our farming business and a good friend besides. He’s done a lot for us and gone well beyond what we expected on many occasions.

Sure, we paid him and everything, but these days when you get more than you pay for, you ought to say something. I didn’t.

I meant to. In fact, just two days ago I was involved with something the guy had done and I was pleasantly surprised, I didn’t expect what I found. I thought to myself, “I’ve got to call him and just say ‘Thanks.’” But, like everyone else does, I put it off and probably would have forgotten all about it as other things jumped up in its place of things I need to do.

Then I got that call about his health problem and it gave me a chance to say what I should have said, without motivation nor a reminder.

We are all pulling for him and wish the best for him and his family as they go through all this. If positive vibes help, he’s going to be just fine!

And here’s a reminder to myself as well as to you. When you think about saying something nice, say it. It’s true that you get more energy it seems when complaining and less when it’s good stuff on your mind, and so the good can slip by. So, say it now. Don’t fool around and put it off. Maybe you’ll remember to say it next time you see them, or talk on the phone, maybe not.

Don’t put it off. Say it now.