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Derek Wilkerson (R) Runs for District 1 Commissioner

Derek Wilkerson

Derek Wilkerson is a lifelong resident of Douglas county and is fully invested in seeing our county’s resources and personnel be used to the best of their ability for the betterment of all those who reside here. His comprehensive work history makes him a prime candidate for the office of commissioner – including working for the Road and Bridge Department, working in retail management, and as an emergency medical technician and emergency management director.

He has extensive knowledge in what it will take to maintain our roadways and has first-hand experience operating the grader, brush cutter, and dump truck.  Derek has worked in those positions over which he could now be the supervisor. 

Having worked under other commissioners, Derek knows what it will take to lead our county in the right direction. He has been able to see what has been done well and those things that need improved upon. He has experience with coordinating and managing personnel and resources in various contexts. Derek has a desire to serve his community and has done so by serving two terms on the Plainview School Board and is currently the Assistant Fire Chief at Goodhope.

Other elected offices in the county will have his full support. He will be very transparent in his role as commissioner as he understands that our county’s budget is from the hard-earned money of our county’s taxpayers. He views this position as one that should be representative of what the majority of voters would want – not just his own personal preference.

He is very involved in his home church of Cross Point. He and his wife, Staci, have one son – Ryder – and are also foster parents. Derek has an excellent work ethic and will serve our county to the best of his ability. He loves the Ava and Goodhope communities and would be honored to be in a position where he can make it an even better place to live and raise a family.

 Please consider casting your vote for Derek Wilkerson as the Republican candidate for District 1 Commissioner on August 4th. Thank you for your consideration.

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