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Masonic Lodge #26 Meeting

Feb. 4 – We normally meet at 6:30 PM for supper but, due to degree work, we had supper at 6:00 PM. so we would not be so late with our degree work. We had really good attendance at supper and Brother Darren Young, JW, provided a good meal. All Masons, families, and friends are invited to eat with us prior to our regular stated meetings. We meet on the first Tuesday of each month, eat at 6:30 PM normally, and convene for lodge upstairs at 7:30 PM. After supper, we opened lodge.

Lodge was opened in due form on the Third Degree of Freemasonry. Those in chairs were: RWB Craig Carter, WM, RWB David Norman, Treasurer, Tom Williams, Secretary. WB Billy Stewart, SW Darren Young, JW, RWB John House, SD, WB David Emerson, JD, Michael Roy, Chaplain, RWB Royce Wheeler, Tiler, RWB Randall Jones, SS protem, Health Carnall, JS protem, Lawson Curtis, Marshall.

All business was conducted in the Third Degree.

The minutes were read and approved as read. RWB Norman announced that the old seats had been removed from one of the outer rooms and those that picked them up at the lodge paid nothing for the seats. 

We had two petitions presented and both were read and, receiving no objections, a committee of investigation was appointed for both candidates. The committee was Darren Young, Tom Williams and David Emerson. They will examine both candidates and report at the next regular meeting. 

Two petitions were read and the committees reported favorably on both. One will begin degree work and the other was an affiliation request by Brother Harold Miller, a member at Mansfield Lodge #543. We are glad to have Harold as a regular member. 

RWB Norman gave the treasure’s report, discussed the progress on the sign from “Sign Man” in Mtn. Grove, Missouri, and reminded everyone that our Glade Top Trail Run was to be held the first Saturday in April. We prepare the food and park the cars. 

RWB Carter, WM asked if there was anything for the further action of our lodge. Brother Stewart, SW, stood and announced that a brother, who has received suitable instruction, was in waiting and desired to be raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason. No objection being heard, RWB Carter, WM, proceeded to confer the obligatory portions of this degree. WB Byron Clark sat in the East and conferred the King Solomon and Josh Kuhn sat in the JD chair. Once the second section was completed, RWB Randy Jones gave the lecture and WB Clark gave the Charge to complete the degree.

Tuesday, February 11, at Rosie Jo’s restaurant in Ozark, a meal was served and all present were there to honor a beloved member of  our Masonic Family that is gone, RWB Don Haden.

Visitors present were Zack Baker, WB, Byron Clark and Heath Carnall from Mansfield Lodge #543, RWB Randall Jones, and Craig Dunn, from Henderson Lodge #477, RWB Royce Wheeler, Robert Burns, from Lodge in Gainesville, Missouri, and John Kuhn, from Mtn. Grove Lodge.

No further business appearing, lodge was closed in due form, peace and harmony prevailing.