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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Restore Greitens!

In a society with an honest media the news on February 13th that Eric Greitens, after 20 months of exhaustive investigation, had been exonerated by the Missouri Ethics Board of any wrong-doing during the 2016 election for governor would certainly have been the lead story in all of the newspapers, radio, TV and other media in the state of Missouri. Instead, both the two major newspapers in the state (St. Louis Post-Dispatch and Kansas City Star) led with the proposed fine (not the much lower agreed upon fine) and with no mention of his exoneration.  The honest reporting on the issue came from One America News, Breitbart, and, unexpectedly, from CNN.

Now we, the citizens of Missouri, know that this was just one more “witch-hunt” against a duly-elected official who was not a part of the “governing elite.”  We need to demand that action be taken to correct this injustice.  We need to do it in such a manner that the perpetrator, who abused her position and suborned others to bear false witness, and those who aided and abetted in her acts through financing her efforts, suffer as severe penalties as both criminal and civil law allow.  Only by doing so will we restore a confidence in Missouri’s election and legal system.  

Let’s examine what that should mean.

1. Restore Eric Greitens as governor of Missouri.  This man was harassed out of office by a St. Louis prosecutor who abused her office, using funds provided by George Soros, with salacious, unsubstantiated (later withdrawn) charges, followed by other campaign finance charges which have just been shown to be without merit.  We are a country with a founding principle of innocent until proven guilty, yet he was hounded from office by the media, all the while he had to spend about $1.3 million defending his innocence.  Governor Parsons should have the moral fortitude to step back, rescind Mr. Greitens letter of resignation, and let Mr. Greitens re-take his proper position as our governor.

2. The St. Louis prosecutor should be removed from office by the Attorney General of Missouri for abuse of power, for corruption in soliciting false testimony, and for civil rights violations against the million plus voters of Missouri who elected Governor Greitens by depriving us of the man we elected.  It is ironic that she has filed a “civil rights” claim against the City of St. Louis and others who tried to remove her because of her abuse of power.  Our civil rights as voters of Missouri were denied us by her improper actions against Greitens.

3. In addition to the Attorney General acting to rid the state of someone who abuses her power, there should be plaintiff attorneys in this State ready to file a class-action civil suit against her and her financial supporter George Soros, seeking reparations  for the long-suffering citizens of Missouri.  The prosecutor, her investigator, and George Soros need to be in jail and their fortunes distributed to the citizens of Missouri to compensate us for the damages we the electors in this State have suffered because of removal of the Greitens through false persecution.

4.  Let’s also not forget the faithless Republicans who supported the Greitens removal because he threatened their potential lobbying positions once they were no longer able to serve as elected officials.  Greitens needs to be restored to office so he can continue his efforts to prevent elected officials from using influence for their own benefit once out of office.  Elected officials need to be reminded that they are the servants of the people and are not there to line their own pockets, before and after being in office. Greitens was elected to stop them from being the despised joke of “corrupt politician” that too many have become – arriving to the legislature as common people but leaving as millionaires.  There is nothing wrong with becoming a millionaire, but it should be accomplished outside of government and never under the mantle of “serving the people” or peddling government influence.

Restore Greitens and let him continue his job representing the people of Missouri who elected him!

Frederick J. Dechow