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Emerson Cuts Don’t Affect Ava

by Michael Boyink /

While Emerson recently announced a major restructuring that would eliminate 2900 jobs and close up to 145 facilities world-wide, the plant in Ava will not be affected, according to plant manager James Barnett.

“I am not aware of any plans in Ava other than continued investment in our facility,” he said. “We employ 550 in Ava today and our plan is to add more jobs in the near future. For over 40 years Emerson has been a key part of the Ava community and we plan to continue those efforts.”

A spokesperson for Emerson corporate said the consolidation would affect sales offices and service centers along with manufacturing locations, and the efforts would save Emerson $450 million a year by 2023. 

Emerson plans to build additional capacity in locations including India, Mexico, and Eastern Europe, according to Chief Executive David Farr.

“We have to invest in the facilities as we start consolidating and closing facilities,” he said. “It’s very important to us.”

Ava plant manager James Barnett feels that “the Ava plant will be a recipient of investment if we continue to provide a solid return on Emerson’s investment by meeting our commitments on cost, service, and quality.”