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Ava R-1 Fall Preschool Enrollment

Parents or Guardians interested in placing a child into preschool this fall, please visit and fill out the preschool interest form linked to from the homepage. 

Look for the green box labeled “Ava Early Childhood Interest Form.” The link you will need is below this box and reads “Click here to complete: Early Childhood Interest Form.” 

This form is not a guaranteed slot in the fall class. After you have completed and submitted the form, one of the elementary secretaries will contact you to set up a screening appointment for Monday April 13. 

Your child must be screened before their name can be added to the pool of potential preschool students for the fall. 

We have two full day classrooms as well as a half day classroom that offers both a morning class and an afternoon class. 

Our preschools first enroll four year olds, then we consider children who are three years old. 

If you have any questions, please contact the elementary office at 683-5450.