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Area School Menus

Ava Schools Breakfast Menu

Monday, Feb.10: Cereal with yogurt, Applesauce, Fruit juice & Milk.

Tuesday, Feb.11: Mini pancakes, apple, fruit juice & Milk.

Wednesday, Feb. 12: Cinnamon Toast Crunch French toast, Bananas, Fruit juice & Milk. 

Thursday, Feb. 13: Mini Cinnis, Pineapple, Fruit juice & Milk.

Friday, Feb. 14: Sausage biscuit, bananas Fruit juice & Milk.

Ava Elementary Lunch Menu

Monday, Feb. 10: Entrees: Grilled cheese sandwich, Chili with cinnamon roll, Hot dog on bun, Taco salad with cornbread; Sides: French fries with ketchup, Fresh garden salad, Fresh fruit, Mandarin oranges & Milk.

Tuesday, Feb. 11: Entrees: BBQ rib on bun, Roast beef melt, Pizza Munchables, Cobb salad with blueberry muffin; Sides: Fresh garden salad, Texas pintos, Fresh fruit, Banana orange mix & Milk.

Wednesday, Feb. 12: Entrees: Chicken patty, Macaroni and cheese, Turkey and cheddar melt, Chicken Caesar salad; Sides: Mashed potatoes with gravy, Glazed carrots, Fresh fruit, Peaches, Hot roll & Milk.

Thursday, Feb. 13: Entrees: Chicken nuggets, Ham and cheese sandwich, Buffalo chicken wrap, Italian chef salad with focaccia bread; Sides: Fresh garden salad, Corn, Fresh fruit, Applesauce & Milk.

Friday, Feb. 14: Entrees: Tony’s pizza, Popcorn chicken wrap, Seven layer dip, Chicken bacon ranch salad with pineapple muffin; Sides: Fresh garden salad, Broccoli with ranch dressing, Fresh fruit, Pineapple, Sugar cookie & Milk.

Ava Middle & High School  Lunch

Monday, Feb. 10: Entrees: Beef quesadilla, Turkey club sub, Cheeseburger, Corn dog, Salad bar with hot roll; To Go: Cheesy chicken Caesar sandwich, Strawberry, cucumber and chicken salad with blueberry muffin, Ham and cheese sandwich; Specialty Bar: Mac and cheese bar; Sides: Fresh garden salad, Roasted veggies, Fresh fruit, Mandarin oranges & Milk.

Tuesday, Feb. 11 : Entrees: White chicken chili with cornbread, Peanut butter and jelly sandwich with yogurt, Corn dog, BBQ rib on bun, Salad bar with focaccia bread; To Go: Chicken salad sandwich, Pizza munchables, Turkey chef salad with Italian bread; Specialty Bar: Burger bar; Sides: Fresh garden salad, Steamed broccoli, Fresh fruit, Cinnamon apples & Milk.

Wednesday, Feb.12: Entrees: Chicken patty with hot roll, Glazed ham with hot roll, Spicy chicken patty with hot roll, Popcorn chicken, Salad bar with hot roll; To Go: Fried chicken salad sandwich, Hawaiian BBQ pork wrap, Roasted veggie pita; Specialty Bar: Wrap bar; Sides: Fresh garden salad, Mashed potatoes with gravy, Corn, Fresh fruit, Strawberry banana mix & Milk.

Thursday, Feb. 13: Entrees: BBQ bacon chicken sandwich, Ham and cheese sub, Cheeseburger, Corn dog, Salad bar with strawberry muffin; To Go: Crispy chicken wrap, Crispito, Chicken Caesar salad with hot roll; Specialty Bar: Hot dog bar with 3 cheese mac & cheese; Sides: Fresh garden salad, Tater tots with ketchup, Fresh fruit, Pears & Milk.

Friday, Feb. 14: Entrees:  Super nachos, Ham and cheese sub, Corn dog, BBQ rib on bun, salad bar with Italian bread; To Go: Buffalo chicken wrap, Cottage cheese with fruit and muffin, Seven layer dip; Specialty Bar: BBQ bar; Sides: Fresh garden salad,Refried beans, Fresh fruit, Tropical fruit, Chocolate covered strawberry & Milk.

Plainview R-8 Breakfast Menu

Monday, Feb. 10: Pancakes, Syrup, Peanut butter, Fruit, Juice & Milk.

Tuesday, Feb. 11: Sausage, egg & cheese biscuit, Fruit, Juice & Milk.

Wednesday, Feb. 12: Breakfast pizza, Fruit, Juice & Milk.

Thursday, Feb. 13: Biscuit, Gravy, Sausage patty, Fruit,  Juice & Milk.

Friday, Feb. 14: Cereal, Bagel, Cream cheese, Fruit, Juice & Milk.

Plainview R-8 Lunch Menu

Monday, Feb. 10: Tator tot casserole, Bread stick, Broccoli, Salad, Fruit, Juice & Milk.

Tuesday, Feb. 11: Ravioli, Peanut butter and syrup sandwich, Corn, Fruit, Juice & Milk.

Wednesday, Feb. 12: Oven baked chicken, Mashed potatoes with gravy, Green beans, Roll & Milk.

Thursday, Feb. 13: Frito pie, Grilled cheese, Corn, Fruit, Cookie & Milk.

Friday, Feb. 14: Pizza, Salad with tomatoes, Peas, Banana & Milk.

Skyline R-II Breakfast Menu

Monday, Feb. 10: French toast, Strawberries, Bacon & Milk.

Tuesday, Feb. 11: Scrambled eggs & ham, Hash brown, Juice &  Milk.

Wednesday, Feb. 12: Cereal, Sausage link, Cheese stick, Fruit & Milk.

Thursday, Feb. 13: Biscuit, Gravy or sausage, Fruit or Juice & Milk.

Friday, Feb, 14:No School.

Skyline R-II Lunch Menu

Monday, Feb. 10: General chicken, Rice, Broccoli, Fruit & Milk.

Tuesday, Feb. 11: Taco Tuesday, Taco toppings, Rice and beans, Fruit & Milk.

Wednesday, Feb. 12: Spaghetti, Breadstick, Salad, Fruit & Milk.

Thursday, Feb. 13: Pizza, Salad, Strawberry pretzel salad & Milk.

Friday, Feb. 14: No School.