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McKesson’s First Aid Calendar-1937

Charles Lane brought this 1937 calendar to the Herald on Wednesday of last week. The calendar was discovered during the demolition of a mobile home on Dogwood Hill. Norman-Gentry Drug Co. of Ava sponsored the calendar. The text on the front, shown above, states: 

McKesson’s First Aid Calendar 

“We present with our compliments the new McKesson Calendar for 1937 showing the new year’s changes in dates and holidays, periodic astrological phenomena, moon appearances, times for planting crops and gardens, quickly available in time of need.  Hang the calendar in a convenient place for ready reference. It contains a wealth of information which you will find most useful.  Everyone is interested in weather predictions and you will find the weather charts fascinating to follow throughout the year.  The astrological data having to do with the planting of crops and raising of poultry follow closely the procedure of those experienced in such activities. You may record important events at bottom of each date.”  The page center left displays a chart with the average height and weight for men and women according to age, and photos of McKesson products, including Navap Nasal Vapor, Corax (cold tablets in a tin), Darol (colds tablets), Albomist nose and throat drops, and Albatum for head and chest colds.  McKesson’s was founded in 1833 by John McKesson and Charles Olcott of New York City. Their corporate mission was to import and sell therapeutic drugs and chemicals wholesale.