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County Commissioners Approve Change Orders on New Jail Facility 

The Douglas County Commissioners convened on Monday, Jan. 27, and during the session, commissioners met with Adam Kuehl from HMN Architects, and Jeff Harrelson with Septagon Construction Management Co.  During the session, the following decisions were made on the new jail project: 

Commissioners gave the okay to switch shelving units for the kitchen mop sink area.  Approval was given to order a 30-inch wide shelving unit for the area, as the 36-inch unit originally planned for installation at the location will now be used elsewhere in the facility.  The change order to Markham Restaurant Supply, added $453.  

Commissioners also approved a change order for Birkel Electric totaling $3,340.  This order included the following miscellaneous items: 

• Install additional conduits for door controls at Door 100.  This requirement was not shown on the original plans.  The added cost is $980. 

• Purchase two Type B3 light fixtures 12-inches long, to replace the 24-inch fixtures that do not fit the space.  Added cost is $750. 

• Install one 60-amp breaker for the engine block heater and trickle charger for the generator. The added cost factor is $640. 

• Relocate the power and security electronics pedestal at the cantilever gate due to the width change in the  drive and gate.  Added cost, $970.  

Also, commissioners approved paying Birkel $330 for installation of a receptacle. 

A plaque design was approved as well.