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Trump-Bashing by Political Enemies Aside, Country is ‘Well-Pleased’ With Impact on Economy, Says AMAC

WASHINGTON, DC, Jan 17 –– For the most part the American people expect a happy new year, according to a new Rasmussen Reports survey. The poll found that 72% of 1,000 respondents feel good about 2020 compared to just 54% a year ago.

Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC], says that one of the interesting aspects of the survey is that “more than half of those who have a positive view of the coming year believe the new year will be exceptional. In a breakdown of its poll, Rasmussen found that 22% of those who participated said they expect an ‘excellent year’ and another 20% ‘predict it will be one of the best years ever’.”

Weber notes that the stock markets made an “impressive” start in the new year, continuing to post record gains. “Unemployment is at an historically low point and the job market and consumer spending is strong. In general there is widespread optimism that America’s economic growth will continue in the first year of the new decade.”

Meanwhile, another study by Rasmussen pollsters shows that the economy is strong. As the study put it: “The economy continues to wow this month with the Rasmussen Reports Economic Index hitting 147.8 in January, up 3.5 points from last month and smashing through the five-year high.”

Weber points out that the index of President Obama’s was at a high of 121.5 at the beginning of 2015 and in the last month of his tenure it stood at 108.1.

“Despite the political Trump-bashing that the president has been taking leading up to the next Presidential Election in November, American citizens — in general — seem well-pleased with the impact Mr. Trump has had on their financial well-being,” Weber added.