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Ava Art Guild Events and Update 

The Ava Art Guild and the Piece and Friendship Quilt Guild have partnered together for three years to host the Quilt Show and Contest.  This year in 2020, the upcoming show remains the same with the event once again being be held this summer, from Aug. 12 – 22.  

In past years, the show has filled the Art Gallery with beautiful handmade quilts, pillows, tote bags and more.  All quilted by area quilt artists and youth.  The show includes beautiful hand and machine quilted items that may be viewed and enjoyed by visitors.  There is no admission fee.

Contest themes are sponsored by individuals and groups, with cash prizes offered to the winners.  The themes are for the contest only as any quilt can be brought for viewing as long as they have not been entered in a previous show.  Quilts can be newly made, borrowed or a family heirloom.  They can be hand quilted or machine quilted.  

Category themes for this year are as follows;

Piece and Friendship Quilt Guild of Ava is sponsoring  “Quilting Through the Seasons.”  Competitive quilted items can depict an actual seasonal scene, (spring, summer, fall, and/or winter) or simply be made of seasonal fabric.  Seasonal quilt blocks would also be good, as in the maple leaf or other leaf blocks or snowflake blocks. The quilter may also consider a quilt with all four seasons included.  An outside the box idea may include the “hunting season” or “fishing season” as an entry.

Caryl Posada-Stillings is sponsoring the theme “Garden Patch.”  Both vegetable and flower gardens fit this theme.  

Competitive entries may include fabric depicting not only flowers and / or vegetables but highlighting garden critters such as bunnies, frogs, bugs and butterflies.  There are several traditional blocks with garden names, such as “garden of Eden” and “garden maze” to name just two.  There are also many traditional flower blocks to choose from; basket blocks would also be good selections for this contest. 

Jo Ann Hereford is sponsoring “Vintage Americana.”  Jo Ann advises “Americana” includes South and Central America as well as North America.  

Competitive entries may showcase traditional blocks and fabrics as well as vintage scenes.  The use of reproduction fabric, and early quilt block designs or incorporating vintage linens in entries would be good design choices for the theme.  

Quilts entered in this contest don’t have to be new –– vintage quilts would also be acceptable.

The quilt show will run from Aug. 12 – Aug. 22, 2020 at the Ava Art Guild Gallery, 303 E. Washington Street across from the Douglas County Herald building.  

Entry deadline is Aug. 10 – 11, and there are no entry fees.  

Youth entries are ages 17 and younger.  

Space is limited so entries will be accepted until the show is full.   

Twin size or larger quilts must have a hanging sleeve.

Entries do not have to be a traditional quilt but may be a pillow, tote bag, wall hanging or more. 

More information may be found in this issue, in an ad.

Information is also on the Ava Art Guild website,, or on Facebook.  Questions may be sent to