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Frightful Weather: Ava Gets Iced

Michael Boyink/Herald Ice-encrusted mailboxes on Webster Avenue on Monday, December 16th in Ava, Missouri.

by Michael Boyink /

The weather outside certainly was frightful. 

And most of Ava stayed home on Monday rather than venture out in it. 

Rain gave way to sleet, then light hail, then freezing rain. Anything outdoors got a thin layer of ice, causing tree limbs and power lines to sag. 

By noon, some trees were already giving in to the additional weight. Ava City workers were clearing a path on Garfield Avenue, where limbs from a large pine tree had fallen over the road. More limbs fell even as the crew worked. 

Over on Ritter Street, city power crews cleared ice-laden tree limbs from power-lines.

Facebook was abuzz with road reports from around the region. 

As evening came, wet roads turned icy and slick, which contributed to an ambulance rollover in the City of Ava (see accompanying story).

Tuesday’s forecast was for a dry day with temperatures just above freezing. Mid-morning found some sunshine making for some pleasant views, but temperatures weren’t yet warm enough to begin melting the ice.

Ava R-1 Schools and many local services and business remained closed again on Tuesday.

Michael Boyink/Herald
Limbs were still falling even as city workers cleared the road on Garfield Avenue on Monday, December 16th.

Michael Boyink/Herald
An ice-encrusted oak leaf still on the tree.

Michael Boyink/Herald
Frozen Sweet Gum balls on a tree by the Douglas County Library.

Michael Boyink/Herald
Ava City power crews remove ice-laden tree limbs from power lines on Ritter Street in Ava on December 16th.

Michael Boyink/Herald
On Tuesday morning, some periodic sunshine could transform the most mundane scene into a icy magical winter wonderland.