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Middle School Girls Basketball Brief

The Ava Middle School Lady Bears kicked off their Thanksgiving break with two games in each grade, hosting Liberty on November 25 and then traveling to Strafford the 26th. The 7th and 8th grade teams took losses from the Liberty Lady Eagles scoring, 48-14 and 53-26, respectively. 

On the following day the Lady Bears traveled to Strafford to play the Indians. Both teams came up short again with the 7th Grade team scoring 19 points and the 8th Grade team 15. The Lady Bears are showing improvement on their fundamentals and working together well as a team. 

Following Thanksgiving Break the 8th grade Lady Bears traveled to Cabool where they brought home a win. The Cabool Bulldogs had just 8 players, the 7th Grade team did not play.

The Lady Bears started out strong and finished even stronger. Each girl contributed to the team totals, and even 7th grader Paris Henry added a few points; the final score of that game was 43-11 with a Lady Bear victory. 

The Lady Bears have had to overcome several girls being sick during the last handful of games as well, with other players stepping up to fill the gaps. 

7th Grade Scoring:

Versus Liberty: 

  • Paris Henry 7 
  • Mariah Premer 4 
  • Alexis Emrick 2 
  • Melody Premer 1
  • Versus Strafford:
  • Paris Henry 10 
  • Alexis Emrick 5
  • Matilynn Goss 
  • CeCe Shea 2

8th Grade Scoring:

Versus Liberty: 

  • Mallory Melton 11
  • Chloe Barnum 9 
  • Savannah Belcher 4 
  • Dailyn Stanifer 2
  • Versus Strafford: 
  • Mallory Melton 6 
  • Savannah Belcher 4 
  • Dailyn Stanifer 
  • Maggey Potter 2 
  • Deandra Huff 1
  • Versus Cabool: 
  • Chloe Barnum 25 
  • Dailyn Stanifer 6
  • Savannah Belcher 6 
  • Zoey Strong 2
  • Mallory Melton 2 
  • Paris Henry 2