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Middle School Bears Face Houston Tigers 

The Middle School Ava Lady Bears have competed in two more games for the season. They will soon conclude their season with the short end of the schedule left to play. The Lady Bears hosted the Willow Springs Lady Bears on December 3rd where the 7th Grade team came out strong and finished with a 24-13 win. 

The girls were able to find the sweet spot on their shots and played some tough defense to hold the Willow Bears to 13 points. Ava kept Willow Springs from scoring in the 4th quarter for the win. The 8th Grade Ava Lady Bears played a tough game as well but came up 7 points short and lost,  28-21. With a scoreless first, the Lady Bears were unable to recover by the end of regulation.

The Ava Lady Bears fought to the end and hustled hard. 

On Monday, December 9th the Lady Bears played Cabool once again, but on the home court. The Bulldogs only have enough for one game, so the Lady Bears split the game, allowing the 7th graders to get in two quarters this time. The 8th Grade team started the game while the 7th graders finished the second half, winning 25-12. The first few quarters were low scoring, but a lot of shots were attempted. The 8th graders ended their half with the lead, and the 7th graders kept that going for the win. 

7th Grade Scoring:

Versus Willow Springs: 

  • Alexis Emrick 14
  • Paris Henry 10
  • Versus Cabool: 
  • Paris Henry 8
  • Alexis Emrick 4
  • Matilynn Goss 2

8th Grade Scoring:

Versus Willow Springs: 

  • Chloe Barnum 12
  • Mallory Melton 4
  • Dailyn Stanifer 
  • Zoey Strong 2
  • Maggey Potter 1
  • Versus Cabool: 
  • Chloe Barnum 7
  • Dailyn Stanifer 
  • Savannah Belcher 2