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Me Too Springfield To Host Community Holiday Dinner – a Welcoming Space for All

SPRINGFIELD, MO — Me Too Springfield invites the community to come together on Monday, Dec. 9 to share a delicious holiday dinner. Please come together at Relics Event Center from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. to celebrate with a free meal and a performance by the wonderful Springfield Street Choir. 

President Jordan Harris created this event for anyone who feels out-of-place during the holiday season. She explained, “This Community Holiday Dinner is for everyone. Those who dread going home, who can’t afford to make a meal themselves, or those who just want to eat a holiday meal with the family they have chosen without hiding any part of themselves. I hope this event can make this time of year a little more merry for everyone who needs it.” 

Dinner will include ham, turkey, tamales and ten traditional holiday sides, so there is something for everyone. Holiday craft activities and family/group photos will also be available. Any and all are invited to participate in this event.