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President Trump and the KY Wildcats 

By Dr. Glenn Mollette

Never underestimate your enemies

The number one ranked Kentucky basketball team hosted the Evansville, Indiana Purple Aces on November 12th and were defeated. The Aces were ranked in the preseason to finish in the bottom half of their Missouri Valley Conference and recently barely defeated neighboring University of Southern Indiana in overtime. 

Kentucky fans were shocked in the bluegrass by the defeat never dreaming that such an event was even possible. Pregame radio show hosts chattered that Kentucky would probably win by thirty points but that it would be a nice homecoming for Evansville’s coach Walter McCarty who once was a star player for Kentucky. Alumni and fans had no idea just how great the homecoming would be as Evansville beat Kentucky. Coach John Calipari of Kentucky said after the game that “Evansville beat us.”

Was Kentucky ready to play? No. Did Kentucky underestimate Evansville? Yes. Was Kentucky overconfident? Yes. 

Confidence is an asset because we need it to succeed. Sometimes we can have too much confidence. The worst attitude is when you underestimate any opponent or any enemy. Any snake with enough venom can kill you. No one is undefeatable. The young man David in the Bible proved this point when he defeated the giant Goliath with just a stone and a sling. Goliath was big, strong and covered with armor.  Everyone feared him. However, he underestimated young David. 

President Trump has plenty of enemies and most of them are Democrats. The majority of the Democrats want to impeach Trump and definitely defeat him in 2020. 

Trump and many Republicans can’t see Trump being removed from office with the Republican numbers in the Senate.  Many cannot see a Democrat who can beat Trump in next November’s election. I don’t believe Trump will be impeached and I think he will be reelected. However, the Trump camp can never underestimate the wave of opposition and live in the land of overconfidence. Overconfidence and underestimation are two keys to any failure. 

You may have many friends. You may be successful. You may have attained much. You may have wealth, position and influence. There is always someone who may resent you or even hate you. 

I’ve seen pastors of great churches loved by the majority of their congregation, removed from their pulpits because of the subtle, underhanded plots of just a few people. They may have done great works and helped hundreds of people but underestimated the power of a few enormous enemies who disapproved of their ministry. The great pastor Dr. Charles Stanley of Atlanta just celebrated his 87th birthday. He has survived at least two plots and widely publicized efforts to remove him from his pulpit during his long tenure at First Baptist Church, Atlanta. 

Whether it’s number one Kentucky, President Trump, Dr. Charles Stanley or you. Be confident but not overconfident and never underestimate your enemies.  


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