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Congressman Jason Smith

Congressman Jason Smith


But Still Searching for a Crime

While the Left wishes it wasn’t the case, the facts remain the same: President Trump did nothing wrong.

Since the facts don’t create a reason to impeach the President, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Chairman Adam Schiff are now using the most desperate tactics to keep their endgame alive. First, it was top-secret auditions behind closed doors in the Capitol. Now, Adam Schiff has moved the spectacle into the national spotlight. Unfortunately for him, the lead witnesses have all failed to deliver “star” performances.

All of the witnesses we heard from this week had no direct knowledge of the phone conversation President Trump had with the President of Ukraine. The only thing they could share is what they heard from someone, who overheard from another person, who may have heard from another. This kind of hearsay would not be accepted in the court of law and should not be used to impeach the President of the United States. The Democrats’ star witness on Friday was an Obama Administration holdover who was fired by President Trump and proved to be nothing more than a disgruntled former employee lashing out at anyone willing to listen. 

The so-called whistleblower, whose complaint launched this whole circus, has refused to testify as Schiff has blocked the American public from hearing from them. Ever since Adam Schiff’s lie that he had no coordination with the whistleblower was exposed, he has claimed their testimony is no longer relevant. Despite his claim, more evidence of the whistleblower’s personal bias continues to trickle out including his attorney’s tweet from 2017 calling for a coup against President Trump.

If Adam Schiff and the Left wanted to actually find the facts in this case, we would be questioning Hunter Biden under oath to understand what he was doing on the board of an energy company in Ukraine when his dad, the Vice President at the time, was in charge of the United States’ policy towards that country. Instead of following a fair process, the Left continues to break with longstanding precedent by denying subpoena power to Republicans and refusing President Trump the ability to cross examine any of his accusers. This is unlike any impeachment investigation we have seen in modern history. During the most recent impeachment of President Clinton there was broad bipartisan support—430 of the 435 Members of the House of Representatives voted in some capacity to move forward with impeachment. Today with President Trump, the only bipartisan votes have been against moving forward with this sham.

With all of this absurdity taking place in Washington, I was grateful to take time and talk with thousands of people from southern Missouri during a town hall conversation this week. I heard repeatedly about how insane this impeachment investigation has been. I asked everyone participating to let me know whether or not they approve of the job President Trump is doing in spite of all this impeachment nonsense and 92% said they do. I am with you—President Trump has been able to get so much done with nearly all of Washington pushing back against him. In his first thousand days in office, I worked with him to slash burdensome regulations, saving $220 billion in regulatory costs for Americans.

While President Trump has been able to do so much, there is more that we could be focusing on. That’s why I asked my town hall participants which issue they would prefer Congress to focus on instead of impeachment. Nearly half said they would prefer Congress to work on securing our southern border and I could not agree more—and I know President Trump agrees too. He has been working around the clock to defend the United States by securing our borders, with 71 miles of new barriers on the southern border, 162 miles under construction, and an additional 276 miles are in the pre-construction phase. These are the kind of real results for the American People the Washington Establishment cannot stand.

They are fighting him, because he is fighting for us.