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Commissioners Report New Jail Expenditures

As progress continues on the new Douglas County Jail and the facility nears completion, commissioners continue to approve purchases and change orders to finalize construction of the building project. Last week, the following items were expended from the Law Enforcement Sales Tax Fund.

On Thursday, Nov. 14, commissioners approved the following:

  • $134.60 for Summit Natural Gas of Missouri; 
  • $3,630.00 for metal lettering; 
  • $2,510 change order for Bonomi North American water control solenoid valves, in lieu of the generic manufacturer specified.  The change order included materials, labor, and equipment costs;  
  • $22,649.00 change order to provide materials, labor and equipment to install six-inch thick concrete paving at the east entrance from the street to the east side of the vehicle sally port. This cost does not include curbing;
  • $1815.00 change order for added work in the sheriff’s office, and to relocate a marker board. 

On Monday, Nov. 18, commissioners approved:

  • $513.96 to Double Eagle Aggregates for gravel at the site; 
  • $142,038.90 to RCS. The expenditure is for radio equipment and vehicles for the new jail.  RCS was the low bidder; Motorola submitted a bid for $292,672.66;
  • $18,928.80 to Omnigo Software for a one-year subscription to the company’s public safety, incident reporting, and security management software.

Two weeks ago, commissioners transferred $126,493.86 from the Law Enforcement Sales Tax Fund into General Revenue. This transfer was earmarked for operating costs at the new facility.