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Ava Masonic Lodge #26 Confers Two Second Degrees

Tuesday, November 4  – We had a wonderful crowd for supper as we were treated to fried potatoes and fish, slaw, and salad. All Masons are invited to eat with us and bring their families and friends. Good meal, good fellowship, and dessert was more of the same.

At 7:30 p.m. we adjourned and went upstairs to the main lodge hall for our regular stated meeting. We meet on the first Tuesday of each month and welcome all Masons to join us. This meeting was two-fold; one to have a regular business meeting and then to confer two Second Degrees. One candidate was a member of our lodge and the other candidate was a member of Mansfield Lodge #543, so we performed courtesy degree work for their lodge.

Those in chairs were as follows: RWB Craig Carter, SM, WB Billy Stewart, SW, Darren Young, JW, Tom Williams, Secreatry, RWB David Norman, Treasurer, WB Byron Clark, SD, WB David Emerson, JD, RWB Bruce Scott, Marshall, RWB John House, Chaplain, Health Carnall, SS, Jimmy Johnson, JS and John King, Tiler.

Lodge was opened on the Second Degree of Freemasonry. All business was conducted in this degree. The previous minutes were read and approved as read. One petition was presented for a first reading, and no objection being heard, a committee of investigation was appointed. The committee was WB Billy Steward, chairman, Darren young, and Tom Williams. Their report will be presented at the next regular meeting. The committee on petitions had a petition to present and it had received a favorable designation and balloting then occurred. The candidate was elected to become a member of our lodge by initiation and a date will be set to confer the First Degree on the new member. RWB Norman stood and gave the treasure’s report and reported the yearly insurance premium had been paid. Brother Williams also presented a bill for RWB Norman to pay.

Brother Benny Rector, a member of Mansfield Lodge #543 is extremely ill and needs our prayers. Also, brothers RWB Orvil Loge and Johnny Shelton need our prayers.

No further business appearing, RWB Carter, WM, asked if any member had any further business. WB Stewart, SW, stood and announced that we had an Entered Apprentice that had received suitable instruction, was in waiting and desired to be passed to the Degree of Fellowcraft. No objection being heard, RWB Carter, WM, proceeded to confer the degree. After the obligation, the candidate was conducted to the preparation room and invested with his clothing and returned to the lodge for further instruction. While the lodge was at ease, WB Byron Clark sat in the East, RWB John House sat in the SD chair, and RWB Roddy Clark sat in the South. WB Byron Clark then proceeded to confer the obligation on the Mansfield candidate.

WB Byron Clark gave the lecture and RWB David Norman gave the “G” and the Charge and that completed the degree. The candidates were then seated with the brethren.

Mansfield Lodge %543 will confer a Second Degree and receive our DDGM on his official visit at their next regular meeting on November 12, 2019. Sampson Lodge in Theodosia will confer a First Degree on November 19, and Robert Burnes Lodge in Gainesville will confer a Second Degree on November 21. All lodges conferring degrees will need help so please go and help if possible. 

Those visiting were: Gene Loge, Jimmy Johnson, Heath Canrall, WB Byron Clark, Ryan Loge, Harold Miller, RWB Roddy Clark, and WB Kevin Findley, all from Mansfield Lodge #543. 

This was an excellent meeting with a wonderful meal and great attendance of 25 Masonic brothers attending. Lodge was closed in due form, peace and harmony prevailing.