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Volunteer Fire Department Tests Equipment and Emergency Rescue Skills

Firemen recently utilized a new piece of equipment which is installed to protect outlying objects from fire damage. In this scenario, the curtain, above right, was set up to shield the power lines running in front of the house from the flames. Submitted photos

It is likely we have all used the expression, “where there is smoke, there is fire.”  This old adage most generally refers to rumors and how they originate.  However, this past weekend, when local folks saw billowing smoke rising from an area near the City Park, it really did mean fire.  And, there was lots of it.  

On Saturday, Nov. 2, local volunteer firemen and city officials took advantage of current circumstances by earmarking a structure slated for demolition as a training site for the city’s volunteer fire department.  

The vacated house was purchased by the City of Ava earlier this year, and the structure sits across the street from the park, immediately north of the new veteran’s memorial.

In addition to training exercises, Mayor Burrely Loftin joined the firemen

Mayor Burrely Loftin, facing front, is shown above talking to Ava Fire Chief Tom Woods on Saturday, Nov. 2. According to officials, the Mayor suited up, experiencing firsthand the extremely hot temperatures and difficulties firemen must overcome to perform their job.

crew and suited up to experience the difficult task of working inside a fiery building, as well as the hardship of maneuvering in the heavy, protective gear.    

During the training exercise, the fire department crew set up and used a new piece of equipment called a water curtain.  The ‘curtain’ was used to protect and shield power lines running in front of the home from the flames.  

As a fire containment tool, the water curtain serves as a protective shield for objects located near a fire site, such as a nearby home, business dwelling, or item needing protection from the fire.

The house fire photos show the volatility of the fire in different stages of burning.

The house fire photos show the volatility of the fire in different stages of burning.

This photo was called a flashover flame, when everything in the room simultaneously ignites.