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Letter to the Editor: In Gratitude

To the Editor: 

Thank God. 

In this country today there are people who care enough to stop at an accident even though they have no idea what or “who” they will find.  Such was the case Thursday, Oct. 17, when Joy, Janice and myself were on our way home from a very delightful trip to the Missouri Grand Chapter Order of the Eastern Star when on Highway 5, just north of the Douglas and Ozark county line, in a dead zone for phones, when in the blink of an eye, a deer was in the front of Joy’s van.  

Deep gratitude to the young ladies who stopped and helped, the tow truck driver, also the young man who stopped, then took his coon dogs on home.  To each of the above and to Trooper Elliott, you are truly angels to stop and assist. 

And the young ladies were able to salvage the deer meat.  

God’s blessings, 

Paralee Rea

Joy Cutbirth

Janice Arnett

and Shawnee  (Joy’s daughter) who came and brought us home.