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Ava Art Guild Announces Art Show Winners

By Candace Butler

The Ava Art Guild and Gallery had the judging for the annual Fall Art Show on Monday, Oct. 22, and  100 entries were brought into the gallery for consideration. The quality of the artwork is fabulous, with many categories, such as the pencil drawing, paintings, fiber art, under 18 and much more. 

The judge did a great job with all these pieces of art. For the judges choice recognition, she picked the piece entitled High Summer, by artist Connie Hammond.

For public viewing, the show is open Wednesdays through Saturdays, Oct. 23 – Nov. 2.  Gallery hours are 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

The public is encouraged to come in, browse and vote for their favorite art works in the adult category, and under 18.  Votes will be counted Nov. 2, and a People’s Choice award announced with ribbon and money awards.

The Art Guild conducts ten workshops during the year from March through December.  All are open to the public, and supplies are provided by the guild. 

Guild membership is $10 a year, $5 for junior membership, and $20 for family membership.

For more information, or call 417-893-9638

2019 Fall Art Show Winners

Advanced Pastel

Alice, Jimmie Marler, third;
Winter Fantasy, Donna Howard, fourth;
Fall, Jimmie Marler, second;
Ms. Kindall’s House, Donna Howard, first.

Advanced Colored Pencil

Dogwood Mill, Jimmie Marler, first;
Lovely Lady, Jimmie Marler, second;
Reverence, Jimmie Marler, third.

Intermediate Colored Pencil

Rocky and Groot, Chalice Sleep, first.

Beginner Colored Pencil

Cali, Erin Ellis, first.

Advanced Pencil

Regan, Jimmie Marler, third;
Lucy, Jimmie Marler, second;
Matt and Kitty, Jimmie Marler
John Wayne, Jimmie Marler, honorable mention;
Sea Breezes, Rita Fancher, first;
Cleggie, Rita Fancher, fourth.

Intermediate Pencil

Koda, Erin Ellis, first.

Beginner Pencil

Jelly Fish, Kathy Deitt, second;
3 Jelly Fish, Kathy Deitt, first.

Advanced Photography

Whitney 2, Jimmie Marler, honorable mention;
Jackson, Jimmie Marler, second;
|Whitney 1, Jimmie Marler
Construction Fencing, Ana Felix, third;
Radio Tubes, Ana Felix;
Rolling Pins, Ana Felix, fourth;
Bicycle Jumble, Ana Felix, first.

Intermediate Photography

Fall Fantail, Michael Lawson, honorable mention;
Patch, Michael Lawson, fourth;
Tree Splendor, Michael Lawson, third;
Purple Coneflower, Michael Lawson, second;
Cascade, Michael Lawson, first.

Beginner Photography

Catch of the Day, Kathy Deitt, fourth;
Sundown at the Bridge, Stephen Marler, third;
Sunset, Stephen Marler, first;
Mist on Bull Shoals, Candace Butler;
Rainbow in the Field, Candace Butler, second.

Intermediate Mixed Media

Seahorse, Kathy Diett, first;
Morning Beach Walk, Jo Ann Hereford, second.

Advanced Mixed Media

Eagle, Dianne Richardson, first.

Under 18 Photography

Lily, Jackson Marler, third;
White Lilies, Pilot Marler, second
Seeds, Jackson Marler, first;
Purple Lilies, Pilot Marler, fourth

Under 18

Happy Cow, Elena Howard, second;
Things I Love, Elena Howard, second;
Market Basket, Ruthann Jones, first;
My Sister, Ester Jones, second;
Come and Get, Ernest Sleep, first;
King of Pop, Trenton Kellar, third;
Captain Jack, Trenton Kellar, second;
Sailing Into the Wind, Trenton Kellar, first.

Fiber Arts

Bright Day, Kathy Reeser, second;
Bounty of Harvest, Kathy Reeser, first;
Warmly Cool, Kathy Reeser, fourth;
Celebration, Kathy Reeser, honorable mention;
I Love Cat Quilts, Jo Ann Hereford, third.

Advanced Watercolor

Flowers, Margie Payton, second;
Pretty Flowers, Margie Payton, third;
Belinda’s Blossoms and More, Jeanne Huff, first;
In The Art Guild Garden, Jane Osborn, fourth;
Basket Lady, Jane Osborn;
Wyoming Cirque, Jane Osborn;
Tea Pot and Osage Oranges, Jane Osborn;
Tulip in Spotlight, Connie Hammond;
Horse and Cat Pals, Jane Osborn;
Wax Flowers, Margie Payton.

Advanced Acrylic

Mill On The Thuro, Rita Fancher, first;
Missouri Meadows, Jane Osborn, second;
Barn Owl Hunt, Suzy Meelhuysen, third.

Intermediate Acrylic

60’s, Erin Ellis;
Cat For All Seasons, Erin Ellis, first;
In The Still of the Night, Olevia S. McCaul;
Midnight Hunt, Olevia McCaul, third;
Fall Feline, Erin Ellis, fourth;
Happy Halloween, Erin Ellis, honorable mention;
Majestic Beauty, Olevia McCaul, second.

Intermediate Oil

Two Sisters, Carol Britton, second;
Blue Throated Hummer, Carol Britton, first.

Advanced Oil

Lone Sentinel, Connie Hammond, second;
Ecce Homme, Connie Hammond
Biker Butch, Debbie Twa, third;
High Summer, Connie Hammond, Judge’s Choice
Woman’s Best Friend, Connie Hammond, first.

Advanced 3-D Art

Saint Nichols of Turkey, Suzy Meelhuysen, first;
Greece Santa, Suzy Meelhuysen, fourth;
Blocks, Lee & Kathleen Bowen;
Grandma’s House, Lee & Kathleen Bowen;
Golden One, Lee & Kathleen Bowen;
Wedding Bridal House, Lee Bowen;
Gotta Go, Rita Fancer, second;
Come In Cabin, Lee & Kathleen Bowen, honorable mention;
Predators, Candace Butler, third.

Intermediate 3-D

Goose Gourd, Candace Butler, first.

Beginner 3-D

Night Mountain Scene On Bone, Abagail Marie Powers, first­.

Advanced Metalworks

Shilo The Rooster, Jim Davis, first place;


Flower Plate, Scott Powers, third;
Slide Top Box, Scott Powers, first;
Spring Bird Mantel Clock, Scott Powers, second.