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Republican Central Committee Meeting

Douglas County Republican Central Committee met at the Courthouse Monday, Oct. 7. After pledges to the flag and prayer led by Leon Potter, Chairman Dennis Uhles called the meeting to order.

Treasurer’s report and minutes were read and approved. With excitement it was announced that a place has been provided for a Republican Headquarters. Trish Watterson gave the details and fielded questions as to the room that her business, Sho-Me Real Estate, will provide.

Karla Eslinger, our State Representative was present to relay information on bills, ballot issues, and activities from Jefferson City. After her presentation, she entertained questions and input about Prescription Drug Monitoring. A good discussion followed.

“Trump Victory Leadership Initiative” was presented. Anyone interested in volunteering to help in this effort will be able to attend training sessions to re-elect our President!

Another “Candidate Forum” was discussed. Committee members decided to again sponsor the forum this spring. All who attended felt the meeting was very productive and informative.