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One of Our Many Ozark Treasures

Dressed in period attire, this group of volunteers served as guides during Wilder Days this past week.  Darlene Sorensen, of Ava, front row, far right, was one of the volunteers.

By Darlene Sorensen

Wilder days was this past week in Mansfield.

They came for the fiddle contest. 

They came for the artisans. They came for the crafts. They came to see Laura’s home!  By the hundreds, if not the thousands.

I came to give tours. 

To be that person who welcomes them to Laura’s home.  To see where she, Almanzo and Rose lived their lives and where she wrote her beloved books.

Visitors have come from all over the world just to walk through that door. To step into her kitchen, step into her life.

To draw closer to the one who over the years has brought so much joy to them and their loved ones.  

Many were absolutely giddy to finally arrive where they had so long imagined themselves coming.

Many children, both boys and girls were dressed as if they had just stepped out of  Farmer Boy or Little House on the Prairie.

Laura Ingalls Wilder!

Even her name takes you back to that time in America when times were very hard yet simpler. Neighbors helped neighbors.

Tragedy happened again and again yet they stuck together, persevered and came out stronger!

We are better for reading and rereading each of her works and blessed by being close to this international treasure.