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Wall That Heals Memory Book Ready for Delivery

The image shown above is one of many photos included in the The Wall That Heals memory book.

Exactly one year after The Wall That Heals visited Ava, Larry Morrison, events coordinator for the Douglas County Veterans Memorial Association announces the memory book of The Wall has arrived and veterans are distributing the book to The Wall sponsors and individuals who have purchased the book.  

According to Morrison, this is the only opportunity to purchase the book.  Many books are reserved, but there are a few books available for purchase.  

DVDs are also available for purchase. Together the DVDs offer approximately four hours of viewing time and provide individual perspectives of The Wall and the many visitors.  

The book is $80, and that price includes the three DVDs at no extra charge.  The DVDs are $10 each for those individuals who choose to purchase a DVD separately.

The book is a glossy, hard cover, coffee table presentation. It has 206 full color pages with narrative, and walks readers through the complete story of The Wall in Ava.  The write-up starts at the beginning with the application, and follows with the acceptance, marketing and coordination effort with the entire community.  

Nearly 10,000 pictures were provided by visitors to The Wall. 

A video/photography committee sorted through the photos and chose approximately 1,000 pictures for the book.  

The photography committee members who chose the pictures and coordinated printing of the book are Eck Ulrich and Judy Ulrich; Jim and Dana Calkins, Linda King, Connie Hetherington, Pat Henry and Jacob Key.  

There were more than 20,000 visitors to The Wall, consequently, many local citizens are represented in the book. 

The book shows the escort from Lebanon to Ava; erection of The Wall with 65 local volunteers; hosts, chaplains and local visitors, including school children.  

This book is a family keepsake.  

During the marketing process, Larry Morrison stated, “I contacted over 100 school districts in Missouri and Arkansas.  I sent multiple news releases to over 100 newspapers and a myriad of television and radio stations. Updates were sent to all of them at least once a month outlining progress and asking for their support of our efforts.”  

Traffic flow was coordinated with the towns of Ava, Lebanon, Hartville and Mansfield, in addition to police support in those communities.  The Wall was erected on the grounds of the Missouri Foxtrotting Horse Breed Association, and it was the ideal spot for The Wall.   

Of course, the event wouldn’t have been complete without cooperation from the Missouri State Highway Patrol who lead the escort from Lebanon to Ava.  

One of the most important  details of the event was the cooperation received from the governor’s office and Governor Parson’s commitment to appear as keynote speaker.  

None of this could have happened without the extraordinary effort from all our members and many area business sponsors. The sponsors are also highlighted in the book.  

For anyone interested in a copy of the book, please contact any member of the Douglas County Veterans Memorial Association.  

The initial allotment of books will be sold until gone.  No additional orders will be placed.  If interested, please feel free to contact Larry at 417-849-1875.

Gold sponsors, individuals and businesses who have already purchased the book, should expect delivery this week.