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IRS Calling? That’s a Scam Says DoCo Sheriff

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Department recently alerted local residents to a phone scam hitting  Douglas County.

According to the Sheriff’s report, the scammers will call and claim to be from the IRS. They will ask for social security numbers, dates of birth, or credit card information. 

Callers have been known to threaten search warrants, visits from local law enforcement, or suspension of your phone number. 

The Sheriff’s office makes the following recommendations:

Don’t give any private information over the phone. The IRS will never contact you via a phone call (you would get mail instead).

Hang up

If you can get their phone number, make a note of it and call the Buzz Off line at 1-866-289-9633.

Register your phone number on the Missouri Do Not Call list by calling 1-866-289-9633.

Update your Do Not Call information or report a bad call by calling 1-866-662-2551.

If you suspect you may have given out personal information to a scammer, the Douglas County Sheriff recommends alerting your bank or credit card company immediately.