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Faith Meets Foster Group Meets September 10

By Donna Dixon

Faith-based Faith Meets Foster group met on Tuesday, Sept. 10 at Rock Chapel Church in Norwood, Mo. Attendance was low, however, the group enjoyed visiting with keynote speaker, Rev. Melvin Moon from Hartville, Mo.  Rev. Moon spoke about a drug rehabilitation program their church is involved with.

The goal of our group is for individuals from different churches to come together to support foster children and families.  Faith Meets Foster works with the Children’s Division. 

Manager Tamara Collins, with the 44th Circuit, also informed us of upcoming events for our calendar.  They are: 

October 5 – fishing day at Sutton pond;

October 12 –– Shirley’s Cooking Class I which is being held at Brushyknob Church.  The event starts at 9 a.m.

In addition, plans are underway, and donation requests are going out, for the groups’ upcoming Christmas dinner for foster families.  The dinner is December 14. 

Many times when a child is taken from home they are not allowed to take anything with them of their own. Consequently, the Children’s Division will be furnishing duffel bags with each child’s name on it for Christmas.  The group is asking for the public to make pillow cases for a standard size pillow.  If this is something of interest, as an individual or group, please contact Tamara Collins, (417) 683-2526.

If you would like more information on what our group does, please visit our Facebook page by putting “Faith meets Foster” in the search box. 

If interested in receiving our quarterly newsletter which provides more information and contact numbers, please send your information to Donna Dixon, at: and your email will be added to the newsletter list. 

Jenifer Atchison and Courtney DaVault, liaisons for the group, monitor the Facebook page for requests and needs which are then presented to the group.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. Most of all please pray for us that we will allow the light of Jesus to shine through our lives toward those we come in contact with, to further His Kingdom.