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Congressman Jason Smith

Congressman Jason Smith

America’s Energy Independence

Over the weekend, we were all alarmed by the images of oil fields on fire in the Middle East. Historically, whenever there is global uncertainty around the security of the world’s oil supply, it sends energy prices soaring, which impacts the day to day lives of the hardworking people here in southern Missouri just trying to make ends meet. All of a sudden, families are forced to stretch their budgets further than expected due to higher costs to heat their homes or to fill up on gas. However, all of that has changed in the last two and a half years because of a president and a White House focused on making us a nation that can utilize our own resources beneath our feet and not be reliant on foreign energy sources. Now, thanks to President Trump, the United States uses the newest, cleanest, and safest technology to harvest energy found in natural resources right here on American soil.

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to visit the Bakken oil field in North Dakota and see the benefits of America’s energy creation. Astounding advances in technology led North Dakota to reach new heights, and they now produce 1.4 million barrels of oil per day. This massive production exceeds that of certain OPEC countries, a conglomerate of countries that have historically monopolized global oil exports. Now, the United States is generating over 12% of the worldwide oil supply, directly leading to an increase in our national security by reducing our dependency on countries situated in some of the most dangerous parts of the world. This also means that instead of having Americans’ hard-earned dollars go into the pockets of corrupt overseas governments, their money is staying here in America and being used for investments in local job creation.

Not only are we producing more energy than ever before, but we are also using the latest technology to ensure we are harvesting it in an environmentally conscious way. America is using the cleanest technology found anywhere in the world and these innovations are leading to historic drops in U.S. pollution. In fact, the United States just recently reached a 25-year low in carbon-dioxide emissions. Nowhere is this more evident than in Texas, where they have now become one of the leading exporters of natural gas in the world. Emerging technologies have made harvesting this energy clean and efficient. And soon, new zero-emissions facilities will make natural gas a leading cause for reductions in global emissions.

Exporting American energy creates more jobs in America, supports the American workforce, and decreases our allies’ reliance on adversarial nations. Countries like China, Russia, and Venezuela are not committed to this type of sustainability. Cities in China with extensive energy production facilities cite toxins and pollutants in three-quarters of all premature deaths. Russia’s history is littered with irresponsible energy practices which have led to massive rises in respiratory health issues in children. And we know that Nicholas Maduro and his socialist scam have defrauded the people in Venezuela of their valuable natural resources and economic prosperity. That is not the case in America. Our energy innovations protect our global environment, promote our national security, and create tens of thousands of high-paying jobs here at home.

Unfortunately, Nancy Pelosi and her liberal lieutenants don’t agree. Just days before this attack, they advanced legislation in Congress to hamper our domestic energy exploration, increase our dependence on foreign sources, and drive up oil and gas prices.

Instead of obstructing President Trump, I am committed to continuing my work with him to decrease our dependence on foreign energy. That’s because I know a nation that is dependent on foreign countries is neither safe nor free. It was the desire for a secure and prosperous nation that drove our Founding Fathers to sign the Constitution 232 years ago this week. With beautiful simplicity, they crafted a government for “We the People” and gave us the noble responsibility of striving towards a more perfect union and securing its blessings of liberty for ourselves and future generations.

If we are ever going to be able to live up to our generation’s responsibility to protect our striving nation, we must achieve our energy independence.