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AMS Lady Bears Volleyball Season Well Underway

AMS Lady Bears Volleyball Season Well Underway

Ava Middle School Lady Bears Volleyball have started their season, playing their first matches on Sept. 12 with Willow Springs and two games with West Plains.

The AMS Lady Bears started the season at home when they faced the West Plains Zizzers.  

Ava 7th grade won in a two game match, 25-22 and 25-16.  Strong serving, with 93% for the team, helped in their wins.  Stats are: Paris Henry, 12/12 serving for the match, 16/19 passing; Alexis Emrick, 3/3 serving, 5/6 passing; Dalena Kilgore, 3/3 serving; Matilyn Goss, 4/4 serving; Ce Shea and Emillee Williams, 2/2 serving; Mariah Premer, 5/5 passing, and Melody Premer, 5/6 passing. 

Ava’s 8th-grade team dropped a battle with West Plains after a three-game match, 25-23, 20-25 and 12-15.  The team had a hard fought battle, but the girls kept playing hard despite very hot temps in the gym.  

Mallory Melton served 16/17, passed 13/16, set 13/13 and hit 6/7; Sydnee Snow served 8/9, passed 29/32; Savannah Belcher served 6/7; Zoey Strong served 5/5, Denise Ames served 3/3and passed 10/13; Chloe Barnum set 6/6 and had 8 hits; Haley Dale passed 8/8; Maggey Potter passed 5/5, Riley Welch passed 6/7.

On Sept. 16, Ava hosted the Bears from Willow Springs.  

Ava 7th grade defeated the Willow Bears in a two game match, with scores of 25-20, 25-21.  Kaitlyn Lumley served 8/10, and passed 14/15; Hannah Forrest served 8/8 and passed 14/17; Melody Premer served 5/6; Paris Henry served 4/5, passed 17/18, set 8/9 and hit 4/4; Sara Maggard passed 14/15, set 4/5 and hit 3/3; CeCe Shea passed 8/9 and Mariah Premer passed 6/8.

Ava 8th grade fell to the Willow Bears, 17-25, 19-25.  Ava struggled serving in this match, with a 71% team effort. 

Mallory Melton was 7/8 serving, 24/28 passing 6/6 setting and 2/2 hitting; Zoey Strong, 8/9 serving and 3/4 hitting; Deandra Huff, 3/3 serving and 9/11 passing; Denise Ames, 9/11 passing; Haley Dale was 20/22 passing; Chloe Barnum, 21/24 passing; Riley Welch, 6/7 passing and 2/2 serving.

On Sept. 17, AMS Lady Bears traveled to West Plains to take on the Zizzers once again, but on their home floor.  

Ava 7th grade again came home with the win, but it took three sets to win the match, with scores of 25-14, 23-35, 25-11.  

Paris Henry served 21/22, passed 23/23, and hit 4/5; Kaitlyn Lumley, 8/8 serving, Faith Lane, 5/5 serving; Larkin Gamboa, 3/3 serving and 3/4 passing; Sara Maggard, 11/12 passing and 7/7 setting; Hannah Forrest, 8/9 passing; Alexis Emrick, 15/17 passing and 6/8 serving; and Melody Premer, 6/7 passing.

Ava’s 8th grade team defeated the Zizzers on the second go round in a three game match,  25-19, 14-25, 25-21. 

Sydnee Snow was 12/13 serving and 18/19 passing; Mallory Melton, 13/13 serving and 18/19 passing; Gracie Fleetwood, 5/5 serving and had two hits; Haley Dale, 5/5 serving; Maggey Potter, 6/8 passing; Riley Welch, 4/4 passing; Chloe Barnum, 6/7 serving, 29/31 passing, 9/9 setting and six hits; Savannah Belcher, 22/25 passing and three hits; Zoey Strong, 11/13 serving and 9/11 passing; Deandra Huff, 10/11 passing and Denise Ames, 7/8 passing.