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Hunter Education Skill Course Oct. 5th in Ava

Hunting is a treasured tradition in Missouri with skills often passed down by generations of families and friends. MDC offers hunter education to help new hunters learn how to hunt with skill, safety and ethics.

There will be a Hunter Education Skill Session offered in Ava on Saturday, Oct. 5.   The session is being held in the Ava Middle School cafeteria.  

The Hunter Education program allows flexibility in participation, but also places an emphasis on hands-on training.  

Missouri’s hunter education program is divided into two parts. 

The first segment, which focuses on hunting equipment, safety and ethics, is offered  through an online venue, or via a self-paced student manual.  

The online course includes audio, pictures, graphs, videos and interactive animation designed to enhance the learning experience.  Students choosing this option must complete all chapter reviews as they go through the information.  In conclusion, student’s print a completion certificate which is necessary for acceptance into the hands-on class.  The fee for the online option is $15. 

The second option available is a self-paced student manual course. Students interested in this option may pickup study materials from a Missouri Department of Conservation office, or the Ava Police Department.   This course of action requires all chapter reviews in the manual must be completed before attending a mandatory skills session.  

No matter which program is selected, students have the option to work through materials at their own pace.    

After completing one of the above options, students must complete the second part of the Hunter Education procedure by participating in a hands-on skill session.  

The next mandatory skill session will be held in Ava on Saturday, Oct. 5, beginning at 8:30 a.m.  The session, which ends at 12:30 p.m., will be held in the middle school cafeteria. 

The skills session includes hands on training with a firearm, and a mandatory final exam that includes information and facts from both sessions. 

For participation in this course, students must provide proof they have completed the first segment of the program by presenting the printed certificate from the online studies, or by bringing their student self-paced manual with all chapter reviews completely filled out. 

Upon successful completion of both segments of the course, students will receive a temporary certificate allowing them to immediately start hunting.  The temporary card will suffice until the Hunter Education certification card is received. 

To register for the skill session Hunter Education course in Ava, please go to, click on the hunting/trapping drop down and follow the link.  

For additional information or if you have questions, please call Conservation Agent Mark Henry, 417-543-5990.