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Associate Court Docket Report; Mayo Sentenced for DWI and Offenses

During Judge Bock’s Associate Court Day Sept. 12, there was a total of 47 criminal cases on the docket. There were 29 misdemeanor cases, 4 infractions, and 14 felony cases. There were 6 misdemeanor and/or infraction guilty pleas and there were 5 failure to appear warrants issued. Four cases waived preliminary hearing and are now in Circuit Court.

During a special setting with 44th Circuit Court Judge Craig Carter on Sept. 9, Vincent Mayo, 50, Ava, was sentenced to 7 years for DWI-Aggravated Offender. 

The offense occurred in July 2019 and was investigated by the Ava Police Dept. Mayo was also sentenced to 7 years for 2 counts of possession of controlled substance and unlawful possession of a firearm after admitting to violating his probation. Mayo was ordered to complete Long Term Treatment within the Dept. of Corrections under section 217.362, with sentences to run concurrently. The probation cases were investigated by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Dept.