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The 20 Year Plan Template–Part 1 Seeing the Sacred in Relationship

Today begins the exposition of the 20-Year Plan. This template is free. It is meant to be quickly forwarded to anyone called in service of this planet.  Time is up.  

As the Saudi oilfield burns, and the counterstrikes follow, we must resolve to embrace the full transformational possibilities of standing together. Otherwise, the zero hour will be most grievous for the unprepared and disunited.  Count on it.

Marshalling the resources of our commonwealth, becoming more responsible to nature, and protecting our children come together.  All is on the line. To succeed, the Plan must go big, go fast, and come from everywhere at once. 

“Food freedom is freedom!”  For a keen mind, this rally cry would be enough because everything else in the 20-Year template only explains how to regain it. Nothing short of a community-wide awakening and mobilization can do this.  

Freedom, in plain speech, is the number of choices we have in a given situation. The coming quake will not be stopped by identity polarization or by faith in gold or corporate collectivism, but only because we have accepted this bitter truth:  

We, the people, cannot feed ourselves independently of the Nanny State.   We’ve lost sight of what it means to be fully human in our hot-diggety hustle for money and the expectations of convenience.  The greatest conceit is that humans were the ones to invent domestication even as the hour of reckoning draws near.

We know this because the web of life, as the one honest mirror for revealing our self-deception, is poisoned and crashing. We see the oceans dying, see the bees are dying, and we are being sickened by the earth, water and air. Why do we fail to change our behaviors?  The fundamental relationships and lessons necessary for building an understanding heart and balanced mind are broken and gone. 

Nature sacrifices everything- gives its fruits, flowers, animals all for the sake of others. So why should we human beings alone lead selfish lives? The 20-Year Plan exists because our political and religious ideologies have failed to inspire people to love one another, and to so love this world. They fail, even as the world burns, because the human heart is easily tempted to cut every corner. 

Our situation is grave, but hope yet remains in the souls of fishers and farmers, harvesters and hunters- all who are immersed in nature.  The Plan also calls to those who’ve known the fury of war. No one is fitter to lead, to maintain the inspiration, courage and discipline required to forge the ploughshares of future peace.  To end this war on nature, and each other, sane people must go public.    

The Plan offers an approach based upon biological reality and natural relationship.  It is a clear and flexible choice to the monolithic viewings of political and/or religious ideology, something of which all true believers seem acutely unaware.   The politician’s interminable “war of positions,” just like the preacher’s manipulation through “separation theology,” is consistently based on a priori assumptions about reality. 

Both camps, for instance, accept the continuing structuring role of Other People’s Money, the unevenness of wealth distribution, and profiting from environmental assault as natural and determinative.  Their every version of either “hope and change,” or for “being saved,” is set to happen somewhere else, at some indefinite time, and will be led by someone else (not us).  In every case, the return on our investment is a world free from risk, toil, and the sweat of our brow. 

The ideological mindset of the true believer stoutly represents a defeat of the new, the possible, or the next better way.  The impulse to separate the mind from the lessons and insights borne of our animalistic nature is the root of both ignorance and empire. People will stay in orbit around a single bottom line until we stop living in our heads. Where do you drain a swamp when there’s nothing lower?  

The FRC’s philosophy of freedom, by stark relief, is framed by four key words: Balance and Health, Decentralization, and Restoration.  Furthermore, these fundamentals have far-ranging ideological, philosophical and economic consequences that are important to fully understand.

It’s a big bite to boil this down into a template.  So for clarity I recommend taking six sheets of paper and center each of the above emboldened words on its own sheet. Then add one more sheet labeled “personal preparedness audit.”  Around each keyword you can cluster the ideas and memes fitting the heading.  When this series is done, put these sheets side by side to get a cross-referenced map of the journey.

The preparedness audit is meant to suggest a baseline for prioritizing one’s next steps in coordination with a block-by-block mobilization plan for urbanites. A plan for rural coordination as led by fire, rescue and vets is the counterpart.

The 20 Year Plan is to be customized and layered until all can say “My neighbors and I are united.  We will face the future together.  Whatever tomorrow brings, we will face it together.  We must live to restore and serve nature’s sacred mirror.” 

Balance is a natural condition of harmony between, and within each, of our three spheres of relationship.  These are: (A) the sense of self to Source or to our moral conscience, (B) to the community of our own kind; (C) and both of these suborned to serve to the entire web of life. Because these 3 R’s are common to all creatures, not just us, they are therefore empiric, fundamental, and universally true.

Every act of healing, in the end, involves a letting go of the past, means to change everything that’s out of balance.   In the natural order of relationship (A) subordinates to (B), and (B) to (C) and all three comingle in a biologically determined way.  Everything about our current political, cultural, and religious beliefs serves as distraction, not liberating.  So long as the biological animal, as the vehicle or nexus of spirit remains unhealthy, we will suffer.  

Health is the proof of balance in each category.  Health is our natural condition- it’s an issue only in its absence.  A healthy person, or community, or species enjoys the full personal, ecological and economic balance inherent to harmonizing these relationships.  Humans are the only species that can do this intentionally.

Social justice, as a political outcome of trust, will come only by reasserting this balance.  A return to agrarian health cannot be legislated into existence, but suffers mightily for it with every “technological advance” that is imposed from above. 

The craven betrayal of our food freedom by American lawmakers is consequential to the university plantation system.  As vehicles of British and Spanish colonial empires, they were created to further and funnel the theft of the commonwealth into the invisible hands of hereditary elites.  Educated or not, our planet is failing because we’ve got the priority of our relationships exactly backwards. 

Intellectual “property” is but another example of the ongoing fraud against nature. Even the most nobly minded politician becomes quickly mired in the money pit of diseased relationships. The wisdom of jubilee, (not part of the 20 Year Plan) faintly echoes a fix from another time.  The Plan’s institution of a 3BL (Triple Bottom Line) is a modern, and much fairer, adaptation to our natural relationships.   

The salient point is that civilization is only three meals deep.  All of us living on the Blue Pill (Matrix movie reference- ed.) are dis-eased to some extent or other.  This diagnosis is accurate and must be accepted before the 20 Year Plan can advance an antidote to our mounting cultural, institutional and political tumult.  

The violence of empire, now morphed into the form of global corporatism, depends upon an infinite growth model of extraction, exploitation and usury.  Everyone has opinions about it but, beyond The 20 Year Plan, has no grid for what a healthy model looks like.  The Plan offers more freedom, more choices, and only asks that we first recognize and correct the selfishness causing our dis-ease. 

When will America prove its understanding heart?  When women, the nurturers of both babies and men, regain an equity position of ownership up and down the food chain.  Women make some 90% of the food purchase decisions, but until they understand food freedom as real freedom, then war and human starvation as political decisions will continue unimpeded. 

So here we are, in vast and increasing numbers, in a state of suspended juvenility and divorced from the biological necessity of pulling our own weight in a healthy responsibility to our threefold relationships. 

Next episode:  Decentralization, leadership, and taking adult responsibility.