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Activity Report From The Ava Police Dept.

Reggie Johnson, Chief

Phone 417-683-2900–Answered 24 Hours a Day

Calls By Type

August 19 – August 24 

  • Animal Call – 4
  • Assault – 1
  • Assist Agency – 13
  • Check Person – 3
  • Check Vehicle – 3
  • Check Well-Being – 2
  • Community Event – 5
  • Disturbance, Domestic – 5
  • Disturbance, General – 8
  • Disturbance, Noise – 2
  • Drunk Driver – 1
  • Found Property – 1
  • Harassment – 3
  • Left W/O Paying – 2
  • Miscellaneous – 7
  • Motor Vehicle Crash – 2
  • Stealing – 1
  • Traffic Stop – 11
  • Cemetery Gates – 9

Total – 83

On 8/18, Ava Police responded to reports of a shirtless male sitting next to a stop sign for 15 minutes. Officers gave him a courtesy ride to get medication.

On 8/18, Ava Police were called to the city pool over a dispute over the music being played. Police advised subjects that if requests for different music were turned down, issue should be taken to mayor and city council during the week.

On 8/19, Ava Police were called to the 200 block of Ava Avenue over reports of an attempted break-in. Police found a door that had been kicked and a knife broken off in the lock.

On 8/19, Ava Police were called to the 300 block of East Benton over reports of gas stolen from a car. While the caller claimed to have photographic proof, the officers found that the photo only showed a car stopped at a stop sign.

On 8/21, Ava Police were summoned to Walmart on reports of a female slumped over in a car. Officers found that she was just resting and advised she move along.

On 8/23, Ava Police responded to the 400 block of Crain street over reports of a female with a hand caught in an auger. Officers worked with the local fire department to free the woman’s hand without injury.

On 8/24, Ava Police were called to Walmart when a credit card and marijuana were found in the parking  lot. Officers made contact with the owner who said she would come in at a later date to claim her possessions.