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The Snoop




Small talk.

The latest. 


Rumor mill. 


The list of terms describing gossip could fill a page.  There are many words and expressions which appropriately delineate rumoring,   spreading falsehoods and lies.  

There are also an unlimited number of quotes that make  a statement about the action.  Here are just a few: 

“I love rumors.  I always find out amazing things about myself, that I never knew.” 

Another quote is more hard-hitting:

“Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools and accepted by idiots.”


And then there are intelligent, well-thought-out statements from notable individuals like Eleanor Roosevelt, who dealt with unkind political remarks throughout her life.  She said:

“Great minds discuss ideas.

Average minds discuss events.  

Small minds discuss people.” 

Gossip is prevalent in Douglas County.  We’ve all heard it. Likely shared it.

Nonetheless, we all love our community.  The town is special. 

It’s where I grew up.  

As my childhood home it arouses wonderful memories of a close-knit community –– a safe place filled with neighbors and residents that cared about each other.  Happy days and happy memories.  

However, gossip was prevalent then, too.

For some reason, gossip wears a star-spangled crown of notoriety.  And no doubt, it thrives everywhere, but that is no excuse for it to flourish in our community.   

It seems, here in Ava, gossipy tidbits are never-ending. Most recently the Herald was the topic of a local rumor mill. 

A week ago Monday, a leader of a local organization called our office with a question.  She had heard “the Douglas County Herald had been sold, and Sue Jones was leaving Ava” –– she wanted to know if that was true.  (Maybe wishful thinking.  Who knows?)

Nonetheless, she posed her query to one of the Herald employees. 

The answer to this gossipy tidbit is no.  There haven’t been any offers to buy the Douglas County Herald, and I have no plans to leave Ava. 

These unfounded rumors were indeed a surprise. My staff and I had no idea such gossip was traveling across town.  

And, I know this will seem a bit crazy, but to find something out about me or the business –– the best person to ask, is me.  When questions arise, ask the person in question.  Doesn’t that seem reasonable?  

Nonetheless, it certainly appears as though rumors are much more interesting than the truth.  

Have I ever participated in such dribble?  You betcha.  And I’ve learned a lot from promoting it.  

I regret it.   

I feel uncomfortable even writing about gossips because I’m also likely to commit the transgression again.  No one is ever immune to the temptation, it’s human nature. 

But, like you, I’ve been the brunt of gossip and know what a bruising it causes.  How it hurts.  And, depending on the scope of an unfounded storyline, sometimes the gossip is mean.  Words can damage a personal reputation or a business. 

Gossipy dribble sometimes gives pause, as questions arise –– “Where did this come from?”   “How did this nonsense get started?”   “Who?” 

Likely we will never know the answer to those questions –– it’s impossible to pinpoint origin.

Winston Churchill aptly noted the ridiculousness of gossip and the breakneck speed at which grapevine stories travel and soar.  He summed up the process in one short phrase:   

A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.

As a wise, outspoken,  inspirational statesman and leader, Churchill definitely ‘hit the nail on the head’.   

* * *

Looking for something to do? 

Or, needing a break from routine?  

Please make time to visit two new specialty stores on the Ava Square. Shoppers will not be disappointed upon paying a visit to Blondie’s Boutique on the south, and the Cattle Baron’s Boutique on the north. Both retail locations are open Tuesdays through Saturdays. 

Please welcome these new business enterprises to our community – make the effort to shop local – both are great additions to the Ava Square.  And, check out the merchandise – it’s always fun to go shopping!