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What About This? By Wayne William Cipriano

By Wayne William Cipriano

Carol Boeddeker-Genet, who wrote the continuing column “Dogwood Ramblings” in the Douglas County Herald, passed away at the end of June.

I only met her a very few times. She was nice enough to volunteer her home as a voting venue for those of us in the western edge of the county. For us, almost able to throw a baseball into Christaian County from our porch, being able to cast our votes at her home was quite a convenience.

Ms. Boeddeker-Genet was possessed of deeply held beliefs in many areas of her life, including politics and cultural topics. And she and I agreed on an extemely limited number of those topics. We both agreed our country could use some improvement (although the direction and methods of such improvement were quite disparate) and we agreed that we enjoyed each other’s writings.

Rosalie and I really missed “Dogwood Ramblings” when it ceased its run in the paper, and always hoped it would reappear. It was almost always good as a conversation starter.

The last time we saw Ms. Boeddeker-Genet she made a point of visiting with us while we waited to vote, and both of us appreciated the obvious effort she made to do so. She will be mised by those who agreed with her various opinions, a well as by those who did not; the Herald has lost a source of entertainment and local news for all its subscribers.

I’m certain that wherever she is now, she is getting things wired up and straightened out and carefully explaining why that’s the way things ought to be done.

Like I said, we’ll miss her.