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Herald Photos Available for Purchase Online

Purchase high-resolution, DRM-free copies of Herald photos on

by Michael Boyink /

Maybe we got your grandchild, playing ball. 

Maybe we got your husband, launching a new ministry in town.

Maybe we got that project that you invested a lot of time in.

In our day to day work of capturing and telling the stories of Ava and Douglas County people, we take a lot of pictures. 

Some make it into the paper. Many don’t.

Either way, we wanted to give you a way to get a digital copy of any photo we took that’s important to you.

So we’ve added a photo gallery to our website. 

Browse the gallery, find the photo you want, and for $6 each, you can download a high-resolution, digital version of the image.

The image will not have Digital Rights Management (DRM) attached to it, which means you can take it to places like Walmart and have it printed for framing, put on a t-shirt, or a collection of coffee mugs. As many as you like. For as long as you like.

You can find the new Douglas County Herald photo gallery on our website:

We’re still refining our process for loading images to the gallery, so if you don’t see the photo you are looking for please don’t hesitate to contact us.