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Canine Protection Donated to Sheriff’s Department

Deputy Jonathan Harley is shown above wtih K9 Yadi of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department.

Protecting K9 Heroes recently awarded K9 Yadi of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department a K9 Medical Trauma kit, and Narcan Kit.  Both items were donated to the Sheriff’s Department by Protecting K9 Heroes. 

K9 Yadi, a seven-year-old yellow lab, is handled by Douglas County Deputy Jonathan Harley.  As a detection dog, K9 Yadi is certified in Patrol and Narcotics. 

Protecting K9 Heroes is a volunteer based 501c3 nonprofit, whose goal is to provide handlers  with the proper life-saving tools in case of a canine emergency.  The group’s mission is to reduce the number of K9 related deaths in the United States by supplying items such as Multi-Threat Ballistic Vests, K9 Medical Kits, and Naloxone (Narcan) Kits.  

The kits recently donated for K9 Yadi’s protection will be used to save the yellow lab from a potential overdose that could occur while on the job, sniffing for narcotics.  Certain powdered narcotics and drugs are deadly, especially upon inhalation or absorption through the skin or paws.  

The kit donated to the Sheriff’s Department includes one 4 Mg device as well as an NarCase – Tac Life Systems LLC Narcan Holster.   Naloxone, also known as Narcan, is a nasal spray or injection that blocks the effects of opioids and reverses overdoses within minutes. Just like law enforcement officers, police dogs inhaling or coming into contact with powdered narcotics, such as fentanyl or opioid drugs are in danger and subject to overdose or death.    

According to Deputy Harley, Yadi loves swimming, playing ball, and playing fetch. He has a special cooling pool at his house where he can put up his paws and “de-stress.” Yadi enjoys his law enforcement duties, except on rainy days.  

Information about Protecting K9 Heroes is available on their website or   visit their Facebook page, Protecting K9 Heroes.