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Up-And-Coming Gymnasts Compete in Springfield

Chernastics Gymnastics Recreational teams competed in the Wild About Tumbling Meet held at Ozark Mountain Gymnastics in Springfield, Mo., on Sunday, June 23.    The competition was one-day event with several gymnasts competing from all over southwest Missouri area with divisions ranging from ages 2 to 16. 

In the Pre-Beginner Division: Sadie Aldridge, Rylee Hanger,  and Olivia Hudson competed in their first competition, and each one received a trophy.

Pre-Intermediate Division, age 4: Paislee Gilbreath, second place. 

Pre-Intermediate Division, age 5: Kenna Dunbar, second place; and Melody Johnson, first place, recording the highest score during the event with a 9.70.

Pre-Intermediate Division, age 6: Riley Clark, first place; Kenlee Helms, second place.

Pre-Intermediate Division, age 7: Abbie Gilbreath, second place.

Beginner Division, age 5: Kimber Stout, first place.

Advanced Beginner, age 9: Sydney Brooke, fifth place.

Advanced Beginner, age 11: Olive Alluisi, third place.

Low Intermediate Division, age 10: Chloe Johnson, first place. 

Advanced Tumbling Division,  ages 10 & up: Chylynn Johnson, first place.

From left: Kimber Stout, Chylynn Johnson, Olive Alluisi, Sydney Brooke